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Blogmas #15: 5 Places I Want to Visit in December

I was looking at some Blogmas suggestions over at Taya’s blog and figured I could write a post about the places I want to visit in December. Click on the link below and enjoy reading!

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Blogmas #14: Haus of Gloi Destash Haul

Have you ever heard of destash? This term means selling your existing stash (of cosmetic products, yarn, you name it) in order to buy new items. I’ve come across this word nowhere else but on Reddit (IMAM again) and decided to buy some perfume oil samples to test them out before committing to a full size.


Want to know more about it? Continue reading. 😉

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Blogmas #13: Let’s Bake a Cake!

Sometimes I get this kind of unavoidable desire to bake a cake. I just feel like I really have to bake something, otherwise I will be restless for the entire day. Yesterday was one of such days. On top of that I had a raging headache that just wouldn’t go away, no matter how much paracetamol I consumed. Luckily I saw a photo of a beautiful, gorgeous cake on Facebook (and later on Instagram) and contacted the owner, Eva. She very kindly sent me the recipe for it so if you want to know how I baked my version of it, click on the “Continue reading” link. 😉

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Blogmas #12: Hello Waffle Cosmetics Haul

Today I will present you a brand called Hellow Waffle Cosmetics that I’ve recently discovered through Reddit. If you want to check out some indie make-up brands, Hello Waffle Cosmetics is a good place to start.


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Blogmas #11: Christmas Tag

I came across this Christmas tag on Tamara’s blog Cherry Colors and it looked like fun so I decided to answer the questions, too!

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Blogmas #10: A Letter to Santa


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