A Year in Pictures

In 2015 I have travelled, and explored various places. There were 167 moments that I’ve shared with you, and they garnered 4,588 likes from you all.

The moments you liked the most were those I experienced on the road to or from work. I spend 2.25 hours on average on the road so commuting represents quite a lot of my free time.

By liking these pics you make me reconsider my daily route, and look at it with wonder every day. Your expressed interest pushes me to take pictures at different angles, and I seek new things to show you. I might not be the best photographer in the world but I sure do take pride in my photos.

I would like to show you some of my favourites from 2015. Clicking on each picture will take you to their respective Instagram or VSCO pages.






Here’s hoping for a very happy 2016 with lots of sunshine and interesting places to explore! 🙂

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