Arcana Anthropophagia

What does Anthropophagia, a popular Arcana perfume smell like? Pear? Wait, what is “anthropophagia” and what does pear have to do with it? As a non-native English speaker, I rarely come across words like this, so I first had to check out its definition: cannibalism. Okay, fine. I’ll let Arcana explain the rest:

Born out of a conversation about vices which were bafflingly left out of the seven deadly sins. To the early Catholic Church, envy was TFM, but… cannibalism? Apparently just fine. Hence this is our concept of a refreshing palate cleanser offered between courses of the ‘long pork.’ Vanilla-infused pear sorbet with sugarcane, white amber, and a drop of French cognac absolute.

Arcana Anthropophagia Review bunnyechoes

Arcana Anthropophagia Review

As soon as I unscrew the cap, my nose is hit by the bright pear. Soon after I’ve applied the perfume to my skin, the pear loses some of the tang it had in the bottle, blending better, smoother with the vanilla. The warm amber keeps them grounded, while the cognac absolute remains in the back as a cheeky alcoholic base for the amber. The pear and vanilla are in the spotlight throughout the experience, so I wouldn’t describe this scent isn’t as boozy.

Another reviewer, The Redolent Mermaid, mentioned that the pear, cognac and amber reminded her of coconut, and I can see what she meant. The juicy pear is sweet, but not sickeningly so, and the amber keeps it in check with its dry, slightly powdery aroma, so their accord conjures up an impression of tropical coconut.

Arcana Anthropophagia Review bunnyechoes

Anthropophagia by Arcana has some impressive throw and longevity. It remains sweet and refreshing throughout the duration but the pear slowly moves to the back, letting the smooth vanilla, sugarcane, amber and cognac shine more.

Arcana Anthropophagia is easily one of my favourite indie perfumes ever, along with Two Finger Ballet by the same brand. If you can – buy it. Or buy me a bottle, I won’t mind. 😉 Currently, it’s unavailable on the Femme Fatale website AND the official Arcana website but hopefully it’ll make another appearance soon.

Arcana Anthropophagia Review bunnyechoes
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