Arcana Craves Reviews part #1

If you’re reading these lines, chances are you already know about Arcana Wildcraft. Arcana Craves is a more playful sister brand of the OG Arcana. As they say, “[Arcana Craves] take[s] different versions of single notes and blend them with our creative inspiration.” Fun and eclectic, the resulting blends are often fruity and/or foody, but some go beyond that into unusual territories (Vanilla Craves Terror [review upcoming], anyone?).

This post is a collection of Arcana Craves scents that I’ve tried over the past four years. I asked the brand owner whether any of the perfumes had been reformulated. She explained that the formulas remained as they were during their previous run.

All these perfumes were purchased by me in the last four years. Some of them I have already used up, and some others I have destashed because they weren’t my thing. When I was writing these Arcana Craves reviews, I didn’t intend to publish them online because most of them were discontinued anyway. Now, however, they’re slowly coming back, and so are my reviews, slightly edited.

I hope they make your choice easier. Stay tuned for more posts as I have some more brewing on my computer. 😉

apple cake
Photo by Dilyara Garifullina @ Unsplash.

Apples Crave Cake

Fresh, crisp red apples blended with our yellow cake layering note.

In the vial I get a super sweet apple, cake, and fruity sweets that disappear when I apply the oil to my skin. While stil wet, the apple and cake are in the forefront with the slightest hint of yeast. Delicious? Oh, yes. Later it evolves into what is apple strudel, perhaps with a strawberry or two. I can’t smell any honey.

Apples Crave Cake is available here for $18 USD.

Pumpkins Crave Nog

Pumpkin flesh with rich eggnog, sugar cookies, Tahitian vanilla, cinnamon, and a spike of Arcana’s Holy Terror (burning frankincense, sandalwood, deep myrrh, and dusty beeswax candles).

A cup of strong eggnog with spiced pumpkin. This is a strange combination but it works! The pumpkin becomes stronger once you put the perfume on your skin; the eggnog is nearly overshadowed by it. However, it does gain some of its strength back but then it’s joined by the Holy Terror accord. It mostly consists of frankincense and sandalwood, but the sugar cookies and Tahitian vanilla make the perfume a bit sweeter and smoother. There’s a nice balance between the smooth, the creamy and the sharp.

pumpkin biscuits
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez @ Unsplash.

As the oil dries, the eggnog and pumpkin disappear, leaving behind a soft but dusty sandalwood and beeswax candles. The beeswax disappears later on, so the dry notes of frankincense and sandalwood (and possibly myrrh) are the only ones left.

Pumpkins Crave Nog is available here for $20 USD but it’s currently on sale for $18 USD.

Vanilla Craves Bread

Vanilla bean, soft brown bread, a drizzle of honey, and a hint of bakery yeast.

This perfume pretty much smells like bread and vanilla beans. It reminds me of the yellow cake layering note but I also remember not liking that one very much. As soon as I apply it on skin, the vanilla slightly disappears in favour of fresh bread. I can smell some vanilla but it’s mostly just yeasty bread. My SO says it reminds him of pistacchio and I guess he’s not completely wrong? Later on, the vanilla comes to the fore again, making the impression of a very sweet, yeasty pastry. The bread is still there, though.

The throw is low enough so I could wear Vanilla Craves Bread to the office. I wasn’t too enthusiastic about it, though, so I destashed it.

Vanilla Craves Bread is available here for $18 USD.

cinnamon rolls
Photo by Sergio Arze @ Unsplash.

Which perfume out of these three interests you the most? Have you purchased any?

Stay tuned for more Arcana Craves reviews, and while you’re here, read some Arcana Wildcraft reviews.

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