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When we wished each other a happy new year nearly 12 months ago, I bet that no one had this in mind. What a weird, depressing year has it been. The world seems to be falling apart and there are few things that still shine like stars in the darkness. But persevere we must and hopefully 2021 has nicer moments in store for us.

As Julia of Arcana says, the Daydream collection encapsulates the experiences and places we’ve been daydreaming about during lockdown. When the collection was released I could spend time out and about, seeing that it was summer and there were nearly no restrictions in place (at least not here in Slovenia). Predictably, the fun didn’t last long and now we’re in lockdown 2.0 with no end in sight. So this collection from Arcana Craves is like a godsend. It helps me relax, cheer up, think of the lovely times past and pleasant moments ahead.

Arcana Craves the Daydream Collection review bunnyechoes

For the sake of transparency, these were sent as a PR gift from Arcana Craves. I asked not to be sent the Honey perfumes because they usually don’t work well with my skin. I bought Honey Craves Paradise with my own money, though.

Before we delve in, give a listen to Daydreaming by Radiohead. It fits quite well with the theme and I just love everything about it.

Honey Craves Paradise

The essence of a gloriously sunbaked tropical island. An opening of richly sugared mango expands into a blend of heady tiare blossoms, delicate honey, golden sand, and warm coconut-scented body oil.

A flurry of tiare blossoms, mango pieces, and droplets of floral honey grace your skin as the oil hits your skin. They create an inviting tropical atmosphere where coconuts and tropical fruits abound. It almost smells like a tropical cocktail (no alcohol here!) but the tiare blossoms carefully steer the blend into the floral territory. Coupled with honey, Honey Craves Paradise is almost too floral and heady but it does behave well. After a few hours, all that remains are the creamy tiare blossoms, and they remind me very much of the tiare/white floral notes in Nightgown by Solstice Scents. If you’re into honey and tropical florals, you’re going to love Honey Craves Paradise.

Arcana Craves Honey Craves Paradise review bunnyechoes
Honey Craves Paradise

Peaches Crave the Movies

An ode to the bygone experience of watching movies in a 1990s era megaplex: the lights go down, the sound goes up, and you are transported into another world. Torn ticket stubs, peach gummy worms, cherry licorice whips, red velvet drapes, buttery popcorn, and smashed candy on the floor.

Remember sneaking sweets inside the cinema, so you could munch on them while watching the newest blockbuster? Let’s return to that scene. You tuck the freshly-printed ticket in your pocket and pull out the peach gummy worms. Your friend bought the biggest bucket of buttery popcorn that teases your tastebuds just as much as the peach gummies. Get cosy. All the notes settle into a plush, velvety seat. From this point on, it’s hard to say which note dominates and which one disappears completely. Peaches Crave the Movies is both sweet and savoury, realistic and imaginative. Sometimes it’s high on the sugar, other times it’s grounded and smooth. In my opinion, it’s strikes just the right balance between the two qualities.

Arcana Craves Peaches Crave the Movies review bunnyechoes
Peaches Crave the Movies

Strawberries Crave Sunlit Paths

The happy scent of day-hiking through the dappled sunlight of a coniferous thicket of trees. Sugary red strawberries with Arcana Wildcraft’s Her Forest (layers of velvety forest mosses and soft green lichens with wild-harvested Northern fir tips, Bourbon vetiver, black oudh, and a hint of forest floor).

I originally posted this as a comment in the Arcana Addicts Facebook group and I decided to leave it as it is (more or less) because it’s quite hard to describe it otherwise.

This is a forest scent that isn’t damp at all, just luscious and evergreen, green boughs weighed down, shielding trunks from rain and sunshine. Strawberries Crave Sunlit Paths actually makes me think of the forest in the morning or late in the evening when the air is cool already. That’s probably because the strawberry-laden forest I regularly go to is more on the deciduous, Mediterannean side and it has a different smell in the middle of the day (hence a different association) but anyway, I love it. In my opinion, it’s a well-crafted blend of juicy strawberries and conifers, and I’ll wear it often in autumn and winter. During lockdown, I usually opt for sweeter scents to brighten my day but Strawberries Crave Sunlit Paths made the final push and now I can safely say that, yes, I love foresty blends!

Strawberries Crave Sunlit Paths review bunnyechoes
Strawberries Crave Sunlit Paths

Vanilla Craves Grind Shows

The edible aromas of a traveling carnival overflowing with oddities and amusements. Vanilla-laced cotton candy, deep-fried funnel cakes encrusted with powdered sugar, salty peanuts, kettle corn, and caramel-covered apples.

I don’t know how to begin to describe how absolutely foody this blend smells! Vanilla Craves Grind Shows opens with apples, drenched in decadent caramel. Your fingers are all sweet and sticky from the funnel cake you’ve just finished eating. You’re probably already full but you’re still on the lookout for the next delicacy on your list. Is it going to be cotton candy, salty peanuts, or kettle corn? There is a lot going on at the same time, and you find something delicious everywhere you turn. This perfume really encapsulates the festive atmosphere of Christmas fairs and the stalls almost too full of sweet food. It makes me think of a frittella (imagine flattened out deep-fried dough balls dusted with confectioners’ sugar) – delicious.

Arcana Craves Vanilla Craves Grind Shows review bunnyechoes
Vanilla Craves Grind Shows

Vanilla Craves Mermaid Shoals

A gourmand aquatic fantasy. An opening of warm, musky neroli leads to a heart of lemon biscotti, bright tangerine, sunlight glittering on blue water, vanilla, sea foam, briny seaweed absolute, and scattered rose petal incense.

A dance of lemon biscotti and tangerine overshadows other notes at first, allowing the shy neroli to glisten before retreating to the coast. The gentle, subdued incense wafts above the water, adding a mysterious layer to the perfume. The seaweed absolute isn’t as noticeable as in Sea Witch, for example, but it adds to the marine feel. The aquatic notes and musky vanilla are the last remaining notes, gentle and elegant. Vanilla Craves Mermaid Shoals is a gorgeous, summery fragrance.

Vanilla Craves Mermaid Shoals review bunnyechoes
Vanilla Craves Mermaid Shoals

These scents are just the loveliest and exactly what one needs when everything is gloomy and grey. The shop is currently closed but you can still have a look around at

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