Arcana Wildcraft Echolocation

Arcana Wildcraft’s Echolocation is part of their Coast of Cascadia summer collection. If I remember correctly, the collection was first released back in 2014, and it returned in 2018 and 2019. This collection is inspired by the Oregon coast, the home of Arcana.

Arcana Wildcraft Echolocation – the Review

How whales find one other. Ambergris and amber resin with ruby grapefruit, sweet guava, saltwater, vanilla pods, and the merest hints of patchouli and vetiver.

Boasting fruity and salty notes, Arcana Wildcraft Echolocation instantly caught my intention. I guess I was still high on Lammas and wanted to get more of that sweet, sweet grapefruit. Not to mention that grapefruit’s become my favourite citrus fruit, so it was only natural that Echolocation would appeal to me.

Arcana Echolocation review bunnyechoes

You’d imagine that Echolocation would send you to the deepest depths of the Atlantic Ocean, where coldness and scarcity of life abound. Instead, it opens up with the fruity notes of the grapefruit and guava, underlined by the saltwater. The patchouli is barely recognisable on my skin but it’s definitely there, adding some depth to the blend.

As time goes on, this perfume oil loses some of its fruity flavour in favour of the saltwater and the gentlest, faintest vanilla. The amber or patchouli still don’t play a prominent role here. I imagine that this perfume should work even for those who generally dislike the patch.

I can safely say that I could wear Arcana Wildcraft Echolocation 24/7 during the summer. This week is about to get HOT, so I better grab my bottle and put it in my purse.

You can buy Echolocation on Arcana Wildcraft for $26 USD, on Pretty Indulgent for $33.50 CAD, or on Femme Fatale for $35 AUD.

Arcana Echolocation review bunnyechoes


  1. Vaau, tale bi bil pa verjetno meni zelo všeč, slane note so mi res nekaj posebnega 🙂 Kako močno pa so koncentrirani tile parfumčki?

    1. Hej! Hvala za komentar. 🙂 Echolocation je res tak poletni biser, sploh se ga ne morem naveličat. Žal nimam podatkov glede koncentracije, ampak naj bi bila nekje v rangu eau de parfum, mogoče vsebuje celo več tega parfumskega “ekstrakta”. To ne pomeni, da bo parfumsko olje imelo tako močno dišavo kot EDP (oz. throw/sillage/dišavni oblaček (res ne poznam slovenskega izraza)), ker enostavno ne vsebuje alkohola in ne hlapi tako intenzivno. Meni je to super, ker mi ne draži nosu in lažje prenesem obilnejši nanos. 🙂

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