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Arcana Fille de Joie

Arcana is known for its peach scents and Fille de Joie is probably the most loved and coveted of the bunch. In my experience, it’s sold out as soon as it hits the shelves (I will forever be grateful to the Pretty Indulgent owner for making the buying process easier for me). Now, is the hype justified?

Arcana Fille de Joie 

Delicate lavender marshmallows and yellow peaches cured in a vanilla absolute bottle.

Arcana Fille de Joie

As I sniff the perfume, I’m greeted by lavender that is followed by a blast of peaches. At first, the lavender is very noticeable, giving the perfume that relaxing feel. The lavender is rather herbal but not medicinal and at the same time it manages to keep its distance from being “foody”. I know this sounds strange, considering Fille de Joie is essentially a gourmand scent, but the lavender in it strikes the balance between the two extremes. Then, the bright peaches become more prominent and the perfume changes from being herbal, a tiny bit sharp and relaxing to being bright, sweet and juicy. The marshmallow isn’t really noticeable at this point but I suppose it rounds out the perfume with its flufiness and creaminess. So, I would say Arcana Fille de Joie is a soft but bright perfume; the notes are cohesively blended in a soft, comforting scent.

When the perfume dries down, the peaches disappear, leaving behind the fluffiest marshmallows dipped in vanilla sauce. Arcana Fille de Joie is a long-lasting scent – I can smell it even 7 hours after I first applied it. At that point, it’s a lovely warm, marshmallow-y vanilla with very little throw but it’s such a comfortable scent that I don’t mind the weak sillage. So, after the initial above-average throw, the perfume wears close to the skin. It’s a snuggly scent, perfect for some TLC when you’re feeling down or tired. That said, I wouldn’t wear this perfume as a sleepy-time scent because it’s anything but that.


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