Arcana Mira

Have you ever experienced something that wasn’t quite what you wanted it to be? Arcana Mira is a perfume oil turned out to be quite different from what I had expected.

Arcana Mira review

Tiare blossoms dipped in milk chocolate with coconut, sugared rum, French cocoa absolute, marshmallows, and white chocolate.

Arcana Mira review bunnyechoes
Arcana Mira; perfume oil

After the success of Arcana Two Finger Ballet and Witches Draw Down the Moon, I wanted to get some more perfumey chocolatey goodness in my life, so I picked Mira in a swap. Based on the notes alone, I expected a nice, sweet chocolate scent with a floral twist.

In the bottle, the milk chocolate note is the most apparent, together with a dry coconut and cocoa absolute. It does smell scrumptious, and once I apply it to my skin, the marshmallows and white chocolate slowly come out, while the milk chocolate note moves to the background. The coconut rounds out the scent and enhances the cocoa with its dry character. There is a note missing, however, and that’s the tiare blossoms and rum. Disappointingly, this is more of a sweet, foodie perfume and not floral at all.

As time goes by and this fragrance dries down, the overall impression remains mostly the same. Mira by Arcana one is not a morpher. The milk and white chocolate keep hanging out with the cocoa, but the marshmallows quickly disappeared. The coconut isn’t as apparent as it was earlier, and there’s still no rum in sight. I would add that Mira is warm and sweet, but not tooth-achingly so.

I will admit that I’m disappointed by Mira but luckily, there are so many other Arcana perfumes that work for me. 🙂

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