Arcana: Nereids

For a scent that was released for Halloween in 2015, Arcana’s Nereids isn’t what you’d typically associate with possibly the most commercialized holiday in the world. A bright, fresh perfume is far from spooky, candied cobwebs of All Hallows’ Eve but is definitely a lovely scent to wear in the summertime.

The Description

Shimmering water, sweet apples, Tiare, rain, pink jasmine, green musk, and wildflowers.

Find Nereids on Pretty Indulgent; $25 CAD.

The Review

If BPAL’s Bestiaire du Moyen-Âge was mostly apple blossoms falling on a freshly-cut grass, Arcana’s Nereids is more like green apples, freshly washed under running water. When a burst of sweet, but nearly sour freshness subsides, the tiare and jasmine come forth to take the perfume from being purely aquatic to more floral-fresh. The florals are not overpowering but they mix gently with the apple note. At this stage, the perfume reminds me of sitting in a flower garden on a fresh afternoon. As far as the rain note goes, it’s not prominent but it has left its mark on the scent, making it cold and fresh.

As the perfume starts drying down, it smells much sweeter than at the beginning. The flowers never develop their indolic side (thankfully!) but as the apple note settles down, the green musk comes forth. It doesn’t smell animalic or fuzzy but it does turn slightly soapy. I must say the green musk in Nereids isn’t as cold as the blue musk usually is. Wildflowers don’t make an appearance but perhaps this is where this warm whiff is coming from…

The Verdict

Nereids lasts surprisingly long for such a watery fresh, sweet scent – I could still smell it on me 5 or 6 hours in. It wears close to the skin so it shouldn’t bother anyone at the office. I usually prefer perfumes with a stronger sillage but Nereids is just a great summer scent that shouldn’t cause any scent-related headaches. If you do decide to get it, I’m sure it’ll be a great companion for your summer adventures.

What’s your favourite summer scent? Do you like fresh or fruity fragrances?




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