Arcana Wildcraft Two Finger Ballet

Two Finger Ballet by Arcana Wildcraft is a perfume that quickly gets under your skin. It’s your favourite dessert, so sweet it’s sticky but so enveloping that it never truly leaves you. Are you interested in what this delicately raunchy-named perfume has to offer? If so, read on.

Arcana Wildcraft Two Finger Ballet Review

The Description

A delicate blend of French vanilla creme, white amber, sugared vanilla beans, caramel, and the smallest dab of opium.

Two Finger Ballet can be purchased at the Arcana Wildcraft store for $26 USDFemme Fatale for $35 AUD, and Pretty Indulgent for $33.50 CAD.

Arcana Two Finger Ballet perfume

The Review

This perfume is pure vanilla creme and sugared vanilla beans, topped with caramel. It’s surprising how a caramel vanilla cake can be embodied in a perfume oil. As it touches my skin, it evolves into vanilla ice cream with white chocolate, and the gentlest of flowers lying alongside it. It’s so smooth and creamy, just like decadent ice cream.

As the perfume dries down, it still smells like vanilla cake and smooth vanilla ice cream (at this point, Two Finger Ballet reminds me of BPAL Detestable Putrescence, except that TFB seems more complex to my nose). I can detect hints of vanilla cake, chocolate, and bits of caramel. I think I can also smell the opium, which makes the blend a bit drier. That being said, this is a sweet gourmand perfume through and through but later on it becomes musky yumminess!

The Verdict

This one is a stayer. I can smell it for six to seven hours when it becomes very faint. At first, the throw is quite strong and it projects a lovely perfume cloud around me but later it becomes a lovely, sweet skin scent if that makes sense. However, it is very, very lovely and I want to wear it all the time! It’s definitely one of my all-time favourites and I will repurchase it once I run out of it.

P. S.: If you like Arcana Wildcraft Two Finger Ballet, you should check their Pirouette perfume, too!

What’s your favourite gourmand perfume? Let me know in the comments below!
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