Arcana Wildcraft Glittering Blue

Released as part of the Beat the Heat summer collection, Glittering Blue from Arcana Wildcraft is a “blue” take on the Glittering White perfume oil.

So, if this collection was released in July, why do you talk about it now, you ask. Well, I bought it in October, so I couldn’t have posted it any earlier than that. Anyway, Glittering Blue wears great in winter and spring, too. With the current temperature swings ranging from the frosty 0 °C (32 °F) in the morning to the splendid 18 °C (64 °F) in the afternoon, I thought I’d give this perfume oil some more wear time.

Arcana Wildcraft Glittering Blue bunnyechoes

Arcana Wildcraft Glittering Blue review

A cooling blend of tart blue lemonade, iced lemon bundt cake, creamy blue musk, a drizzle of blue chamomile, and Glittering White (cold peppermint, sugar cookies, marshmallows, white chocolate, vanilla musk).

This perfume opens with a strong blast of mint that’s blended really well with the chocolate. The chocolate becomes even stronger a couple of seconds in, making me think of the After Eight mints. Luckily for me, this impression doesn’t last long. As someone who dislikes minty chocolates and mint in general, I was afraid I wouldn’t like Glittering Blue. However, the blue musk and iced lemon cake slowly, shily peek through the veil of mint, making the blend even cooler but not adding to the minty aspect. It sounds strange (yes, even to me as I write it) but you really have to smell this perfume to understand what I want to say.

As the mint finally settles down, the sweeter notes, such as the marshmallow and cake, have more space to shine. I can’t quite detect the chamomile but as a whole, the scent is calming and creamy but also bright at the same time.

Arcana Wildcraft Glittering Blue bunnyechoes

This perfume oil is such a pretty little thing to wear when you need something to cheer you up. I didn’t think I would like it this much because mint usually squicks me out (it’s the cold and totally-not-a-herb aspect of the plant that just doesn’t match my tastebuds, I guess). Anyway, now I’d like to try Blue’s Pink sister, too. Perhaps I will in the future.

Glittering Blue is not available for purchase at time point but it might become available again at a later time. Chek out the Arcana Wildcraft online shop here.

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