Arcana Wildcraft Haint and Mongolian Death Worm

These two perfumes by Arcana Wildcraft have turned out to be quite the fan favourites! Haint has a long-standing fame already, having returned in 2018 after a few years of “radio silence”. Mongolian Death Worm is a completely new scent that was released for Halloween 2019, and is one of the first perfumes from this collection that has been sold out. So what are they all about?

Arcana Wildcraft Mongolian Death Worm and Haint bunnyechoes

These perfumes were sent to me by Arcana Wildcraft as a gift, however I have another bottle of Haint that I have purchased myself. All opinions shared are my own.

Arcana Wildcraft Haint

The sweet, melancholy essence of a Southern ghost drifting through dark mountain hollows and crumbling neo-classical mansions. White musk, vanilla musk, Madagascar vanilla, sugarcane, and a faint trail of white pepper.

Arcana Wildcraft Haint bunnyechoes

Haint is a blast of perfumey pepper in possibly the most elegant way you can imagine. It was love at first sniff and iit took me by surprise. Everyone was raving about it and I’m glad it works on my skin, too. The white pepper is neatly enveloped in a calming but charismatic veil of vanilla. Sweet but not foody, it blends great with the musks. I’m not particularly fond of white musk in general because it can turn soapy on my skin, but in Haint it works as a “canvas” that brings some freshness to the mix without having that soapy quality to it.

Ten hours in, Haint is nothing but a soft skin scent. I can still smell some lingering sweetness from the sugarcane but there are also white pepper remnants, adding to the character of the scent.

Haint can be purchased on the Arcana Wildcraft website for $6 USD (1 ml), $26 USD (5 ml), or $76 USD (15 ml).

Haint by Arcana Wildcraft

Arcana Wildcraft Mongolian Death Worm

This ghastly creature is said to live in the Gobi Desert, where the merest touch from it means instant death. Barren sand dunes, cardamom, sandalwood, yellow silk, cinnamon, powdered ginger, and mare’s milk accord.

Arcana Wildcraft Mongolian Death Worm

Cardamom and sandalwood glide smoothly on warm sand, tantalising the nose with creamy and ginger-y notes. While this blend is definitely warm and spicy due to the combination of cardamom and cinnamon, it’s also smooth and inoffensive. It’s not my favourite type of perfume but I like it because it’s so different from what I’d normally choose.

To me, it reads as a spicy, winter scent that you could wear for a cosy night in, especially if you’re not fond of sweet, gourmand perfumes.

Mongolian Death Worm is not available anymore, but you can have a look at it on the Arcana Wildcraft website.

Arcana Wildcraft Mongolian Death Worm close up

What about other Halloween scents on this website?

If you look at the Arcana Wildcraft Halloween collection page, you’ll see a lot more perfumes, some of which have returned from years passed. I’ve already reviewed Witches Drawn Down the Moon here, as well as Sea Witch here.

Enjoy the reading and let me know which perfumes are your favourites! 🙂

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