Arcana Wildcraft Snow Witch Collection

With the imminent snowstorm, I thought this would be a great opportunity to share my impression of Arcana Wildcraft’s Snow Witch collection before it really gets too warm. The Snow Witch collection has been released in late November 2020. It consists of 6 perfume oils priced at $26 USD each. While you can find all of them here on Arcana Wildcraft’s website, some of the scents have been sold out already. You might find them at other retailers or on the aftermarket.

I actually bought decants of 4 different scents that piqued my interest, and later I bought a full size of (spoiler alert!) Moonrise because I liked it that much. If you’re interested in Ritual and Embers, read the Redolent Mermaid’s review. You know I trust her opinion.

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Without further ado, here are the reviews of the Arcana Wildcraft Snow Witch collection!

Arcana Wildcraft Moonrise

We honor the rising of the moon in the frozen night sky. Cool, pale lunar musk, white amber, fluffy snow, Boswellia sacra, silken robes, purple iris, soft cedar, and Egyptian blue chamomile.

The lunar musk and Boswellia sacra weave a minty veil for the bouquet of iris and chamomile. Their gentle floral notes aren’t sharp or green, instead they’re somehow dreamy and translucent. On the edges of a deep inhale I catch cedar shavings that add a subtle woody hint to the scent. The floral and musky notes slowly disappear and allow the cedar to “bloom”.

Arcana Wildcraft Sleigh

A twinkling, sugar-encrusted blend of fluffy pink candyfloss, creamy Madagascar vanilla, frozen coconut husk, and a single bright red cherry.

Mmm! The creamiest, cherriest cheesecake is served on a dainty porcelain plate. You start drooling over it as soon as you see it and you can’t wait to dig into it. There is a hint of coconut husk that warms it up and adds a layer of velvety smoothness that only adds to the overall gourmand experience. If you’re a foodie scent lover, you have to try this one.

Arcana Wildcraft Snow Witch 1 bunnyechoes

Arcana Wildcraft Hinterland

Far afield from her home, this is where a witch harvests her spell supplies. Wild woodland roses, loamy forest floor, wild-gathered green mosses, and golden vetiver.

Mysterious, yet delicate roses bloom in a mossy forest, their velvety petals guarding tiny droplets of rain. This scent is moist, green, and fresh but not evergreen. Like lifting up shrub branches to see the undergrowth, the rose note gives way to the forest soil note, loamy and smooth.

Once the oil dries down, the rose unveils barely sweet undertones, moving away from the mossy accord. It smells really nice and elegant, without a hint of soap. Overall, Hinterland is very lovely, indeed.

Arcana Wildcraft Familiar

The scent of a witch and her animal companions snuggling on a quiet, snow-muffled day. Cafe au lait, vanilla-infused cheesecake, a soft woolen blanket, and warm fur.

Get yourself a big cup of latte and get cosy. Familiar opens up with the café au lait note that is quickly followed by the cheesecake. It’s sweet, full of vanilla, and not at all sour – just the way I like it.

A few hours after the application, a soft, woolly note is all that remains wrapped around the skin. It’s still slightly reminiscent of the coffee accord, however, it is very subdued and barely there. Even in these last stages, Familiar brings a certain comfort that is just lovely on a cold, dark day.

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