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You might remember my review of Echolocation, one of Arcana Wildcraft‘s scents from the Coast of Cascadia collection (You don’t? Go read it here). But you might not know that I also have two other perfumes from this range. I bought Cascadian Mermaid last year after hearing raves about it, and I won Goofy Foot in the Redolent Mermaid’s giveaway.

Yes, it took me a long, long time to review them but the wait is finally over. Grab yourself a drink, get cosy, and read a short review of these Arcana Wildcraft Coast of Cascadia olfactory postcards. 🙂

Goofy Foot

Fresh coconut and cardamom with green notes of spearmint, fresh basil, and one drop of vetiver grass.⁣

arcana wildcraft coast of cascadia goofy foot bunnyechoes

First of all, I need to say that I often have a cold and a runny nose. With the spearmint and lively cardamom, Goofy Foot is a sinus-opener that my nose just loves. This scent is very strong on the cardamom, as well as the coconut. This coconut note won’t take you on a tropical beach or make you wish you had a decadent cake right in front of you – it reminds me of those coconut water drinks you can buy in a food shop. It’s not a scent I’d normally like but here the coconut works great to ground and tame the strong cardamom.

Goofy Foot later develops some sweetness from the combination of mint and basil. It gets a lot more fresh thanks to the cheeky spearmint. At this stage, I think I can say it’s summer appropriate but it might be too warm and strong for humid environments. I enjoy wearing it a bit more in autumn. The days are so warm right now, so this number will keep my company this weekend. 🙂

I need to say that none of these notes is a favourite of mine but I think you should give Goofy Foot a try if you’re interested in how the mint, cardamom, and coconut interact with each other!

At the time of writing, you can buy Goofy Foot on Arcana Wildcraft for $26 USD, on Pretty Indulgent for $33.50 CAD, or on Femme Fatale for $35 AUD.

Cascadian Mermaid

Cannabis concentrate accord, uplifting grapefruit, cotton candy, Moroccan blue chamomile, vanilla-laced sugar cane, warm rain, wild-harvested spruce tips, and shimmery mermaid musk.

Cascadian Mermaid is very sharp on the cannabis at first but the strong rain and gentle spruce notes are not far behind. The grapefruit and cotton candy provide some sweetness but they’re not in the spotlight on my skin. 

arcana wildcraft coast of cascadia cascadian mermaid bunnyechoes

I’ve seen some people say that Cascadian Mermaid is a sweet scent but on me it’s mostly a fresh aquatic. The cannabis note doesn’t smell like a joint. After 10 minutes or so, it loses its sharpness and the perfume remains green and wet, thanks to the spruce and rain accord.

Later on, the calming chamomile unfolds its petals, taking the cannabis down a few more notches. The sugar cane is barely there, I think, but the sweetness does become more apparent as the cannabis dissipates. I believe this is a lovely perfume that you can wear pretty much throughout the year. Because there’s no patchouli or cannabis smoke, you could wear Cascadian Mermaid to work or school but keep in mind that its sharpness in the early stages could bother some people.

At the time of writing, you can buy Cascadian Mermaid on Arcana Wildcraft for $26 USD, or on Femme Fatale for $35 AUD.

arcana wildcraft coast of cascadia goofy foot bunnyechoes

Which Coast of Cascadia scent from Arcana Wildcraft appeals to you the most? I must say that Sand in Your Tail sounds pretty great!

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