Arcana Wildcraft Valentine’s Collection

One of Arcana Wildcraft‘s 2020 releases, Love & Sex aka Valentine’s collection, is actually a re-release of an older collection(s). This range features 8 naughty scents that tickle your nose (and your imagination). These were sent as a PR gift along with my Arcana Craves order (a review of which should be up soon, too).

During the quarantine, I was stuck in my tiny, lovely flat away from my family, my usual haunts, and – as luck would have it – my camera charger, too. This meant I had no way of actually taking these photos until the lockdown was over. Not being able to photograph is such a first-world problem and really unimportant in the grand scheme of things but it is something I love, so I felt much better after the lockdown was over, when I could walk more freely around the neighbourhood and take photos if the inspiration stroke the right chord. The whole thing also made me count my blessings and just truly appreciate what I have. Anyway, I hope we’re on the path to a better future and better selves now.

The Valentine’s collection can be found here. Each perfume costs $26 USD and is vegan, as well as cruelty-free. Samples are not available at the time of writing this post.

Arcana Wildcraft Tart

Sweet lemon cakes, fluffy coconut frosting, and a dash of bergamot.

Arcana Wildcraft Tart perfume oil bunnyechoes

»What’s this coconut that I’m smelling,« asked a colleague as she entered the office room I work in. Yep, it was me and my perfume again. Tart opens with a heavy dose of coconut and sweet lemon, its tanginess and zest overwhelming the sponge cake. It’s a very bright scent and also very sweet, but not sickeningly so.

As time goes on, the lemon loses some of its brightness and is replaced by a creamy softness. This softness never turns to plastic or stale cream, which is probably one of my favourite things about Tart.

Did I think I’d love this perfume as much as I do? Probably not, so this is a nice surprise, as I’m not usually a big fan of citrus scents. Tart, however, manages to blend both the bergamot and lemon with the coconut frosting into a scrumptious treat.

Arcana Wildcraft Fluffing the Bunny

Madagascar vanilla, Tahitian vanilla, apricot, white musk, skin musk, and a tiny tickle of mint.

While the description says there’s but a hint of mint, I get a full blast of it right from the get-go. Not that I mind it, it’s not your usual cool mint that makes you think of toothpaste – it’s actually closer to the fresh herb from the garden behind your house.

Arcana Wildcraft Fluffing the Bunny perfume oil bunnyechoes

What’s funny is that without the mint, Fluffing the Bunny would smell just like the Big Babol chewing gums. At least immediately after application. I still remember my parents buying them for me on our biweekly shopping trips to Italy, and later in Slovenia. I loved them, even though (or probably because) they were so unhealthy. 😀

After a while, the combination of the mint, apricot and musks turns into tobacco, or maybe it’s just my nose playing tricks on me. It does turn out to be a bit darker than I anticipated, judging from its fresh, cheerful appearance. It’s also worth noting that it doesn’t smell anything like Strawberries Crave Rococo despite sharing most of the notes – Fluffing the Bunny is a lot less sweet.

Arcana Wildcraft Odalisque

Thick vanilla syrup, golden musk, black musk, kyphi, and spikenard.

Odalisque is hard to describe. It definitely smells warm, and is a bit fuzzy but overall smooth, like velvet. The combination of the musks and the herbal spikenard create an illusion of sultry patchouli, hinting at something dark lurking underneath.

Dried down, the vanilla becomes stronger, taming the black musk with its rounded sweet notes. If you’re worried that Odalisque is sweet or foody – fear not. I think that the vanilla syrup just adds a slightly rounded out fragrant accord.

Arcana Wildcraft Odalisque perfume oil bunnyechoes

Arcana Wildcraft Thundering Orgasm

Opening with a soft swirl of jasmine sambac absolute and the essence of wild orange groves, then building to a crescendo of wild-harvested black spruce, rich amber resin, animal fur accord, black pepper, and a hint of sex musk.

I expected Thundering Orgasm to be nothing but jasmine, seeing that this floral is usually very heady and strong. However, the jasmine doesn’t match the orange, which loudly announces its presence right at the start. Juicy and strong, it plays well with the piquant black pepper and herbal spruce. When the orange loses its strength, the musky accord comes to the fore. I can still smell some of the zestiness and brightness from the top notes but the drydown is a lot calmer, although it remains »dark«.

Arcana Wildcraft Thundering Orgasm perfume oil bunnyechoes

Keep in mind that you will either be seen while wearing this perfume, or you’ll at least get a boost of confidence and energy to get you through a particularly gruelling day. I’m fine either way. 🙂

I can’t quite decide which naughty perfume is my favourite but it might just be Tart. Or maybe Odalisque? 🙂 But which scent tickles your fancy?

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