Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab: La Vague

La Vague. The Wave. A painting by Georges Clairin that inspired Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab when creating a scent of the Salon: Traveling Exhibit collection, exclusive to Pretty Indulgent.

This August has been the hottest month of 2017 and it made me steer towards lighter, fresher scents. La Vague is on the fruity side of the fresh category, something that promises an elegant floral sweetness and gives you a lively kick out of an otherwise dull, extremely hot afternoon.

The Description

White peach, lily of the valley, jasmine, rose, iris, osmanthus, tangerine, white wine grape, and cream accord.

BPAL Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab La Vague

Find La Vague on Pretty Indulgent; $30 CAD.

Does it remind me of a wave? Grab a cup of fruity iced tea and read on.

The Review

A fruity blend of white peach, tangerine, and osmanthus emerges from the bottle and it transforms into this interesting combination of citrus and peach & cream candy as soon as it touches my skin. Initially, I get a blast of white peach and tangerine, mixed with florals. It’s a very bright fruity scent that quickly puts on a floral dress. While the rose is shy and doesn’t make an appearance, I can smell jasmine and probably a hint of iris as well. This is one of my first perfumes containing lily of the valley so I’m not entirely sure what it smells like.

As La Vague starts to wear down, tangerine is the first to disappear, leaving behind some peach, while jasmine takes the main stage. It’s not overpowering but it’s very noticeable (far more than in Arcana’s Nereids, which also contains jasmine). Six hours in I smell mostly white wine grape and a hint of cream, mixed with florals. It reminds me of Pez sweets but the cream note subdues the sweetness.

The Verdict

La Vague has got a good longevity with moderate-to-low sillage. I believe BPAL’s cream note doesn’t play nice with my skin chemistry because it doesn’t make the scent creamy but more stale although this happens only when the scent dries down. Luckily, it’s not that noticeable but it will prevent me from using this blend regularly. And to respond to my question – does it remind me of a wave? Unfortunately, it doesn’t. Apart from its early wet stage, there is no fresh, aquatic, or lively quality to it.

Do you have better luck with fruity floral scents? Which one do you think I’d like better?




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