Blogmas #1: Hair Care Wishlist

Hello, friends! It’s that time of the year, and this time round I have decided to jump on the Blogmas bandwagon. My goal is to post every day until Christmas or even up to 31 December – this certainly is no mean feat. I hope you join me on board and enjoy the ride!

In this post I’ll describe some hair care items that I would love to try. As someone working in the beauty industry I really don’t need any more products but you know how hard it is to resist all those beauties, right?


1. Aussie – 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor

I’ve known this brand for a while but I haven’t paid much attention to it. Aussie seems to be all the rage now but, honestly, the only product I want to try is this treatment. My hair luckily isn’t as dry as it used to be but it still is brittle and frizzy, which contributes to a lack of shine. And who doesn’t want shiny hair?

2. Lush – Godiva

I’m interested in trying out unusual, funky products and this solid shampoo checks all the boxes. It’s supposed to take care of dry, dull hair and make them shiny and fragrant. I love the scent of jasmine, and nourishing cocoa and shea butter make this product even more desirable. Ah!

3. Batiste – Original Dry Shampoo

I have already tried its Medium & Brunette sister but I wasn’t that impressed – mainly because it leaves an ugly sort of grime on my hair that’s kind of a pain in the arse to clean. TMI, sorry. I believe the original version of this dry shampoo would be a better choice.

4. Sixteen92 – Detangling Hair Mist

To be honest I’m not sure which scent I’d love to try because they all sound so delicious! Wicked would probably be a great choice because you can’t really go wrong with vanilla and patchouli. And brushing lightly fragranced, detangled hair sounds like a dream to me.

5. Haus of Gloi – Picaroon Hair Oil

This indie beauty moisturises your hair and envelops it in a delicious fragrance. While the one in this picture is called Who Needs Love (chocolate, crystallised coffee, pomegranate and raspberry notes), the one I listed is supposed to smell like “sun scorched mahogany bough crusted with a crystalline sea spray! Faint plundered spices, lemongrass, coconuts, expressed Mexican lime, and Haitian bay rum,” which is perfect in my book. Fresh and exotic, it’s bound to enhance that clean scent in your hair right after washing.

Which hair products do you covet?

*Photo #4 by Evolution of a Foodie


    1. I’m fine with powdery scents and formulas, although I must admit I can’t say no to scents such as Cherry. Definitely adding this to my wishlist!

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