Blogmas #10: A Letter to Santa


I know I am writing this very late but I believe you already know what I am going to ask for.

This year, I don’t need anything you can buy. I am lucky and indeed grateful that I can buy the majority of things I need in everyday life. Some others do not have this privilege.

Instead of material things I am going to ask you for the following:

  • patience; so I can react more calmly to situations that agitate me at present,
  • courage; to overcome my fears, and look forward to whatever life has in store for me,
  • happiness; so I can share positivity with others and try to brighten up their day,
  • curiosity; to find something interesting even in the most mundane tasks,
  • calmness; so that I can stop for a minute, take in my surroundings and appreciate the beauty of it all.


N xx


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