Blogmas #12: Hello Waffle Cosmetics Haul

Today I will present you a brand called Hellow Waffle Cosmetics that I’ve recently discovered through Reddit. If you want to check out some indie make-up brands, Hello Waffle Cosmetics is a good place to start.


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The story started when I was looking for my perfect foundation shade. After some exploration I went wayyy off the grid and found about this subreddit, r/indiemakeupandmore (also called IMAM to keep things short). It offers a wealth of swatches, descriptions of various scents, eyeshadows and whatnot, and this is exactly how I came across Hello Waffle Cosmetics. Hailing from Canada, Christine started her own make-up business and named it after her cat, Waffle. The collections of mineral-based eyeshadows and blushes are named after classic musicians, authors, often with a reference to cats. As a cat lady myself, I became even more interested in this indie brand.

When Black Friday came around, I placed my order, seeing as they released a new collection of blushes, eyeshadows and lipsticks called Kitty Kingdom V2. If I remember correctly, the names of all shades are actually pet names! Isn’t that cute? As a total indie newbie I decided for two eyeshadows, Mango and Dark Lord Revan, The Forgottens Mystery Pack of eyeshadows, and a lipcolour, Technic. Below you can see the swatches and very short descriptions of the shades. Enjoy. 🙂



The shades from top to bottom: Mango, Dark Lord Revan, 1, 2, 3, 6, 9, 10. They’re swatched over Avon Eyeshadow Primer on the left and bare skin on the right.

Mango: This is a peachy orange shade, quite close to my skin tone so I can use it as an over-the-lid shade if I wanted to wear ALL THE SPARKLE or as an inner-corner shade to highlight it. It sparkles white and orange, with a hint of rosy colour.

Dark Lord Revan: A rich, warm-toned brown with a red undertone. It’s red and golden sparkles give it depth and it’s because of them that this is my favourite eyeshadow of the bunch. I thought that would be Mango but DLR looks even nicer.


The Forgottens consist of the shades that didn’t make the cut, probably when coming up with GC eyeshadows. Because I didn’t specify which pack I wanted, I got a mix of both the first and the second pack (out of three). As you could see from the swatches above, the eyeshadows don’t look too sparkly when you observe them in indirect sunlight. It was getting dark and I was running late so I went to check how the eyeshadows fared in direct sunlight (admittedly, the sun was setting so the colours are a tiny bit warmer than I wanted but you’ll get the idea).


1:  A very dark blue with multicoloured sparkles. A great choice for an eyeliner, am I right? It makes me think of rainbows at night. A nice idea to toy with!

2: A mauve pink-ish brown colour with yellow, red and pink sparkles. I think it’ll serve as a great eyeshadow to cover the whole lid whenever I’ll want to wear a more noticeable eye-make up. Not my favourite but still pretty.

3: I’d call this Mango’s cooler sister. They look very similar and this one, too, is very close to my skin tone so I think I can easily wear this during the day. It makes for an office-friendly, sparkly eyeliner. In fact, I’m wearing it at the moment of writing this.


6: A bit lighter and even cooler version of 3, eyeshadow #6 would make for a great highlighter in the inner corner of the eye. I’m not sure it’ll suit me but I’ve got to properly try it out first!

9: This one is similar to #1 but it’s a bit lighter and more grey. Here, too, the sparkles are rainbowy but not as warm or bright. I’d call this “stormy with a chance of tulips at the seaside”.

10: Aubergine with bright sparkles. A sparkly aubergine. This one will go so well with my eyeglasses (which happen to be aubergine-y and I just love this colour) and basically most of my wardrobe. A cool-toned winner.

I haven’t properly swatched the lipcolour I’d bought because my lips look like death at the moment, so let’s wait for another day or two, shall we? 😉

Have you heard about Hello Waffle Cosmetics before? What is your favourite product? Can’t wait to see your answers. 🙂



    1. Super 🙂 Meni je res fajn znamka, ker imajo na voljo toliko različnih odtenkov in izdelkov samih. Trenutno je trgovina zaprta, ampak bi se morala kmalu spet odpreti. 🙂

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