Blogmas #15: 5 Places I Want to Visit in December

I was looking at some Blogmas suggestions over at Taya’s blog and figured I could write a post about the places I want to visit in December. Click on the link below and enjoy reading!

1. Bled, Slovenia


I have visited this village many a time but probably never in winter. I’m just waiting for some snow so that I could stare at the white peaks surrounding the area. I would eat a kremšnita and look at the geese and swans resting on the banks or maybe go skating on the lake. In fact I have a few passes for ice skating in a rink of some sort, and I should definitely go with my mr. Bunny. 🙂

2. Trieste, Italy


Can you imagine I live very close to this city but I’ve only gone through it without actually stopping? Insane, right? I’d love to explore the old town and see all the historic remains from all the eras. Needless to say I also want to do some shopping in Kiko and MAC because we don’t have those shops in Slovenia, haha.

3. Salzburg, Austria


I have heard that they have a nice Christmas lights setup and I’d love to see that! Not to mention it’s the birthplace of Mozart so going to a music event would be a must!

4. London, UK


Who wouldn’t like to go to London, right? I’ve been to the UK plenty of times but Christmas unfortunately isn’t one of them. I’m too late to book the tickets for this year but there’s always a chance I’ll go next year. Spending Christmas in one of my favourite countries would be a blast for sure.

5. Vienna, Austria


This is another Austrian city that must look lovely during the holidays. To be honest I didn’t really like it when I visited it in September 10 years ago because it was dull and grey. However I believe the Christmas fairies did some of their magic to make the city look prettier just in time for the holidays. Oh, and a Sacher cake in a Vienna cafe? Yes, please!

Which places would you like to visit in December?

Photos 1, 4, and 5: Unsplash. Photos 2 and 3: Wikipedia.
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