Blogmas #2: What Do You Do When You’re Stuck in Traffic?

Today was an interesting day. I could say I had sensed something would go wrong and taken my knitting project with me.

And boy, it was rather eventful and scary. Firstly, my colleague (one of those who I drive to work with) told me he had nearly had a car accident due to poor visibility and bad judgement. Luckily he was alright but he was visibly shaken.

Secondly, there was a major car accident near the capital city but I assumed there would be no problems becauseit happened rather early in the morning, and half of the motorway was supposed to stay open anyway. Wrong. We had to wait for half an hour before we could get moving again so we had time to chat in the car, watch the environment that was less than appealing (the forest we drove through looks dreadful due to a huge glaze-related nationwide incident from 2013), and listen to the radio.


Then I remembered – I had brought my knitting project with me so I decided to pass the time knitting a scarf for a girl. I’m participating in a Secret Santa project* in which people choose a child from a low-income family and send them a gift. I’ve decided to get the girl a number of things, such as sweets and a book, along with a handmade scarf that you can see in the picture above. I hope the child will like it!

In the end the time went by much too quickly, and there I was – rushing to my workplace in order not to be late…


*Za vse slovenske bralce: gre za projekt Božiček za en dan, zagotovo ste že slišali zanj! Če pa še niste seznanjeni s tem, vas vabim, da obiščete stran Božiček za en dan in nekomu polepšate božično-novoletne praznike. 🙂

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