Blogmas #3: How to De-Stress

Holidays can get hectic way too early (November madness, anyone?) and we get stressed out before we even know it as we are bombarded by various ads, special offers, exclusive products, and that constant pressure to enjoy Christmas in a certain way.

This is why I would like to show you a couple of tips for relaxing after a super tiring day.

1. Incense and meditation

I have always been interested in burning incense sticks because of their mystical appeal and smoky scent. Although I don’t have it on me at the moment, I find sandalwood incense great for relaxation and meditation. Focus on your breathing, clear your mind and relax.


2. TV series or films

Get some popcorn, crisps, chocolate (and zero worry about weight gain) and a good, uplifting film or that TV series you’ve always wanted to see. I suggest the former because TV series can suck you in and never let go until the final episode. Mwahaha.

3. Reading

Is there anything better than imagining a whole new world while reading a nice book? It’s an even better option that watching TV because you get to create the whole experience: the characters, the setting and every other imaginable aspect. Reading not only boosts your imagination but it can also alter your outlook on stressful situations. You can in fact train your mind to think more creatively and positively, and ultimately turn seemingly grim situations for the better.


4. Music

Go grab your favourite instrument and create some music! Hopefully you’re past beginner’s level so your playing doesn’t stress out those listening to you. 😉 Otherwise this is a good opportunity to learn how to play but please don’t give up if you don’t succeed immediately! Great things come to those who wait persevere.

Alternatively you can simply listen to your favourite tunes, lie back and enjoy the musical barrage of reverberating, soothing notes that always take you to that special place.

5. Hanging out with your loved ones

Enjoy the company of your family and friends (even that annoying, farting uncle who pinches your cheeks at every given moment). Play a boardgame or simply drink a cuppa – anything can be a stress-relief if you share a few calming or fun moments. Now wouldn’t it be awesome if we spent at least a smidgen of our internetting/social media time with our family? Now is the right season to start doing it.

6. Sports

Find something you enjoy doing, be it going to the gym, doing yoga or even running (I hate running). The point is to shake off the bad vibes you’ve unfortunately gathered during the day and, obviously, clear your mind. And that shower afterwards is always heavenly. 🙂

7. Doing what makes you happy

In the end, the important thing is to do whatever you want to do and what makes you happy. There is no point in following other people’s advice if you don’t enjoy the activity that’s supposed to make you happy and relaxed. Spread positivity and you will receive positivity in return, and the stress will be unrooted in a positive environment. Let’s start this now and let’s be a big happy family. Right? 😉


*Images from Pixabay.
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