Blogmas #8: A Day Trip to Gorizia, Italy

Today is another busy day. I swear, the start of the week knows how to creep in on you and fill your day to the very last minute! But I shall not surrender just as quick so here is yet another blogmas post. This time I will say a few words about a recent trip to Gorizia, Italy. More after the jump!

My friends and I decided to visit the annual St Andrea’s fair that’s held in Gorizia at the end of November or the beginning of December.

The city gets filled with various food, sweets and clothing stalls, most of which display the same things. The chance of seeing a cute little toy or a dress, and not being able to buy it because it’s too small or whatever is therefore rather slim. 😉

There were plenty of scary, swinging rides like this one. I was half-tempted to try them all but I chickened out every single time (a wuss at heart, haha) so I had to make do with watching other people go.

Instead of unleashing our inner adrenaline junkies, my friends and I went for a sugary fritella with Nutella (just google it, go go go!) but I had a version without added sugar because I didn’t want to fall into a carb coma, haha. It wasn’t the best fritella I have ever had but it was a nice cheat meal nonetheless.

We wandered around the city for another while, and finally went back home – after a shot of grappa, of course!

I hope you enjoyed this post! I certainly had fun this past Saturday but I wonder, were you doing anything fun over the weekend, too?

Stay tuned for a very exciting post! It should be up within a few days. 😉

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