Blogmas #9: Taste Test – Activlab Breakfast Protein

Today’s post (okay I was supposed to post it yesterday but life got in the way :P) is going to be a little different this time round. I want this blog to be also a place where gym-going people find information on protein-rich food.

Are you interested in an oatmeal breakfast with a twist? Read on.

When I went to Medvode, Slovenia to attend Maxximum Open Competition I received a bag of goodies that I was really looking forward to (rest assured, I definitely enjoyed the championship).

One of the first things I tried was Breakfast Protein by Activlab. Activlab is a Polish brand, specialised in sports nutrition and supplements. They offer a nice variety of preworkouts, vitamins and minerals, functional food etc.


Beloning to the functional food category, Breakfast Protein is an alternative to your normal breakfasts that consists of a nice blend of rolled oats, rice crispies, whey protein, magnesium and guarana. My sample was forest fruit flavoured, which was nice for a change. I usually eat something peanut or chocolate-flavoured for breakfast, especially in autumn and winter when you can’t really come across fresh berries.


This is what the contents (30 g, I believe) look like in a bowl. Fairly promising, I would say, although I expected a bit more oats and less rice crispies, even though they’re a cute addition to the mix.

However, once I poured over the required amount of water over it (80 ml), the promising powdery mixture turned into a thin Čokolino-like mixture but even less appetizing, visually. The taste is okay but you can definitely tell it’s an artificial aroma.


I would say it’s a good idea if you’re on a strict(er) fat-loss diet, otherwise I’d suggest you mix your own Breakfast Protein: add some oats, micellar casein according to your daily protein goals, erythritol or stevia, and anything else you desire.


Nutritional values (100 g)

Energy value: 372 kcal
Fat: 2.2 g
(of which saturates: 0.3 g)
Carbs: 66.1 g
(of which sugars: 12.4 g)
Protein: 21.9 g
Salt: 1 g
Magnesium: 120 mg
Guarana: 100 mg
(of which caffeine: 22 mg)

What is your preferred alternative fit breakfast?

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