BPAL Entertaining the Heian Court Maiden

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab released the Entertaining the Heian Court Maiden perfume oil in their 2017 Lupercalia: Novel Ideas for Secret Amusements limited-edition collection. This one is dedicated to the historic Japanese erotic art and so, the labels feature explicit NSFW illustrations. You have been warned.

Honey oudh and bourbon vanilla.

BPAL Entertaining the Heian Court Maiden Review bunnyechoes

BPAL Entertaining the Heian Court Maiden Review

Waiting to be applied, Entertaining… tantalises your nose with its notes of boozy honey and dark oudh. Once it’s on your skin, the honey turns out to be more mellow than it is in the bottle, while the woody oudh takes the centre stage to shine. The oudh has a strange, almost green quality to it. Some people say that it can smell like burning plastic or fecal matter OR rich and spicy, but here it smells dark, woody, and it’s not overly dry.

The honey, luckily, doesn’t dominate the scent and remains tame. There is also a minimal quantity of vanilla in this perfume. I believe it only serves to smooth things out, although it becomes more apparent as time goes on. It switches places with the oudh, which leaves behind only a faint trail of woodiness.

It’s an unisex scent, although it would probably better suit a man. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have enough staying power or throw for my taste, so I’ll have to destash it.

Find more about BPAL Lupercalia scents here. The collection is usually released at the beginning of February.

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