Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab: Eostre of the Dawn

In American Gods (Neil Gaiman, 2001), Eostre appears as the Germanic goddess of the dawn. After the show American Gods aired in April 2017, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab released a collection of perfumes inspired by Gaiman’s novel. One of these perfumes is called Eostre of the Dawn.

“Old English Ēostre continues into modern English as Easter and derives from Proto-Germanic *Austrǭ, itself a descendant of the Proto-Indo-European root *h₂ews-, meaning ‘to shine’ (modern English east also derives from this root).” –Wikipedia

Find Eostre of the Dawn on the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab website; $26.

The Description

Jasmine and honeysuckle, sweet milk and female skin.

black phoenix alchemy lab bpal eostre of the dawn perfume

How creamy does it smell? Get cosy and read on.

The Review

Jasmine dances with honeysuckle but it doesn’t let it shine as much as I’d like to. I didn’t think I amped it, but jasmine is so overpowering in this blend. Later on, it calms down a bit, allowing the other notes to come forth but this fragrance really is marked by jasmine.

Once Eostre is dry, it smells less indolic and sweeter, probably due to the skin musk and milk notes. I’m glad to say that milk doesn’t turn sour on me like creamy, milky notes can do (see La Vague). The jasmine is still most definitely there but now it’s in the background. The skin musk makes the perfume warm but not spicy.

The Verdict

Eostre of the Dawn is an interesting floral scent that sounds dreamy on paper. On my skin, however, it’s a bit disjointed – perhaps my skin doesn’t really like white florals? The jasmine note is too strong for too long so I can’t enjoy it fully. I’m sure that plenty of people will enjoy it so if you like the sound of Eostre of the Dawn – go for it!

Do you like white florals in perfume?
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