BPAL Mouse’s Long and Sad Tale

While loud fragrances seem to get the most attention, it’s also worth turning to quieter perfumes. Like finding haven in a storm. BPAL’s Mouse’s Long and Sad Tale is like that – unassuming, mousey, but you might just end up loving it if you get to know it better.

BPAL Mouse’s Long and Sad Tale Review

Vanilla, two ambers, sweet pea and white sandalwood.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab BPAL Mouses Long and Sad Tale review bunnyechoes

In the bottle, Mouse’s Long and Sad Tale is a creamy vanilla that gently dances on the line between foodie and floral. I can’t quite place it in either category, so I imagine it should work for a variety of people.

The vanilla remains prominent upon application to the skin but it slowly loses its creaminess. Surprisingly, it turns out to be kind of fresh. It could well be the white sandalwood shyly showing through, supporting the two ambers. It’s not as strong as in Abduction of Prosperine on a Unicorn but it does become more noticeable as the oil dries on my skin.

As time wears on, Mouse’s Long and Sad Tale turns out to be more sweet, dry, and powdery. Throughout the experience, it remains soft and gentle. It doesn’t seem to have a big throw, but I don’t mind it. It’s a lovely everyday office/school scent but you can also wear it whenever you need some alone, hygge time.

You can shop Mouse’s Long and Sad Tale here for $19.50.

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