Cocoa Pink Black Kittens

My venture into the indie perfume world started ages ago. Can you image it’s been more than 5 years already? Well, the perfume I’m going to review today – Black Kittens by Cocoa Pink – has been in a drawer for almost five whole years. Why did it take me so long to review it? You tell me. 🙂

Cocoa Pink Black Kittens – Review

Black, Boo Boo Lemon Noel, a drop of Egyptian Musk.

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Black Kittens is not often mentioned but it is definitely a must-try, especially if you’re new to indies and look for a lighter, sweeter scent. From the bottle wafts a scent of a vanilla custard pastry straight from a cute patisserie. As it graces the skin, it turns into a lemony vanilla that is absolutely intriguing and lovely. It smells creamy and musky, and it’s possibly one of the cosiest scents that I own.

While the vanilla and musk tease out soft, gentle hues, the lemon takes care of its sweetness and freshness. Another facet of Cocoa Pink Black Kittens is the Black accord, which is composed of two types of amber resins and a secret ingredient. Amber is usually warm and gentle but here it adds to the lemony zest, allowing it to stay on the skin for longer than expected.

Cocoa Pink Black Kittens 1 bunnyechoes

Black Kittens by Cocoa Pink is, truly, a wonderful scent. Cocoa Pink’s TAT is on the longer side (30+ business days), so I won’t be ordering a back up any time soon but I am very interested in their cosmetic offerings. Aside from perfume, they also sell lotions, scrubs, conditioners, and more, which makes the shop for a good place to get a multitude of goodies from in one go.

You can browse and purchase their products at Did anything catch your eye? Let me know in the comment section below!

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