Crow & Pebble: Eyeshadow Swatches, Review & Looks

Of all the indie brands currently on the scene, Crow & Pebble is probably the youngest one, being launched in May 2017. Hailing from Scotland, Crow & Pebble’s eyeshadow products are inspired by literature and contain vegan and cruelty-free ingredients (non-vegan ingredients are labelled as such). Moreover, the micas come from places where child labour is not exploited.

crow and pebble eyeshadow

I chose a variety of colours in order to test the waters: a warm brown/aqua duochrome (Petrochemical Sheen), a pinky red (Atreides), a neutral beige (Harkonnen) and a Mystery Case with an assortment of five different samples. All the eyeshadows I ordered were in sample size with the exception of Petrochemical Sheen. I knew I would love it so I ordered a half-jar of it straight away.

Mystery Case (5 samples): £4 [here]

Petrochemical Sheen (half-jar): £3 [here]

Harkonnen: £1 [here]

Atreides: £1 [here]

Standard shipping: £3

DISCOUNT ALERT! Get 20% off your entire order with the code PHOTOFUN. Valid until 29 September 2017. Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with the brand in any way.

I’ve placed my order on 18 July and the package was shipped on 31 July. It might seem a lot but you have to keep in mind Crow & Pebble is a small business where everything is made by hand. I was satisfied with the package; everything was securely wrapped to minimise any potential damages.

The Eyeshadow Swatches

These Crow & Pebble swatches were done over an Etude House primer with Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy applied on the left half of the forearm. The eyeshadows were applied with a flat shader brush and the photos were taken indoors in indirect sunlight.

crow and pebble eyeshadow swatches

Lights that May Have Been Stars is a pure white with delicate purple sheen.

A Bushel of Wheat is a bright yellow with a metallic shine. It livens up any look.

Newtrition is a neutral beige with a matte finish. It works great as a crease shadow but it’s a bit difficult to blend.

Harkonnen is very similar to Newtrition. It is enhanced by a lighter taupe shimmer.

Smiled Like a Knife is a brick red with golden shimmer – it has an orange undertone but it’s not so obviously warm-toned. It’s not overwhelming on my cool-toned complexion.

crow and pebble eyeshadow swatches

Devotion to Duty is a cranberry red with red shimmer and sparkles.

Atreides is a pinkish red with subdued cool-toned shimmer. It’s very similar to Devotion to Duty.

Petrochemical Sheen is a warm brown with aqua duochrome. It’s my favourite shadow of the bunch because you can create different looks with it.

Creation’s Shadow Slimline Limousine is an exciting black shade with gold sparkles. The owner of Crow & Pebble dropped a line to say that what I thought had been Creation’s Shadow was, in fact, Slimline Limousine. My opinion on it still stands. 🙂

Close-up swatches (clickable):

All these Crow & Pebble shadows apply and blend nicely with little fallout. The only eyeshadow that was a bit difficult to blend was Newtrition; probably because it’s a matte eyeshadow (I experience similar problems with Fyrinnae’s Automatic Toaster).

Below you can see some of the looks I did with these eyeshadows (clickable). Which one is your favourite?


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