Okay, I haven’t been very diligent when it comes to updating my blog regularly. To get over this funk I decided to post an update on my life and the things that keep me busy these days.

Current Book(s):
The last book I kinda finished was related to my dissertation but now I can finally read fiction!! I settled for John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars and so far it lives up to the hype. It’s so funny and sad at the same time, and impossible to put down. I’m a very outgoing person but I believe I will spend this weekend reading this gem of a book.

Current Music:
I went to two gigs this month, and each of them was exciting in its special way. The first one was Morrissey at Hala Tivoli, Ljubljana and how could I not be impressed by such a personality? It was such a good night despite the subpar organisation, and Morrissey even seemed a bit cheeky – much to my surprise because he usually comes across as bitter old man.

The other gig was Start at Zero’s release party – they’ve released a new EP called Against the Stream that everyone with a soft spot for skate punk should check out. The concert was loud, it was messy but very fun.

Current Nail Color:
Bahama Mama by Essie that my boyfriend bought for me before going on a two-week tour across Europe. The funny thing is that – without him knowing – I didn’t really like the shade for the longest time but once autumn hit the town this year I was all up for it and secretly coveted it. The sudden change of opinion may or may not have been Hysteria of Decay’s fault. 😛 Check out her review about Essie nail polishes!


Current Drink:
Nothing’s changed. Coffee with milk, please!

Current Food:
Same. I still freaking love burgers!

Current Favorite Show:
Gostilna išče šefa (Restaurant Needs a Chef) all the way. It’s a pretty awesome show because you get to see some familiar dishes with a modern twist. I’d love to visit the restaurant had it been closer to my workplace. I also LOVE Orange is the New Black. It’s such an awesome show.

Current Wish List:
Move out; buy lots of nice protein supplements and sugar-free sweeteners for baking! Also, buy a macro lens for my SRL camera because I’m getting back into photography. I’ve had a film roll developed just a few days ago and it got me all excited.


Current Needs:
To graduate ASAP.

Current Bane of my Existence:
Waiting for my MA dissertation review. Cold weather, brr!

Current Celebrity Crush:
None at the moment.

Current Indulgence:
None, really. I don’t know for sure, though. Maybe make-up and burgers. I’m not sure how these two things can be combined but I do enjoy them. Separately.

Current Blessing:
Supporting family and boyfriend, as always. Also a warm house, and money to buy myself the things I need for what I deem a normal living.

Current Slang:

Current Outfit:
Pajamas and a jumper.

Current Excitement:
It’s finally weekend and the weather is pretty nice – I love it! It’s perfect for long hikes because the temperature is just right – not too cold nor too hot so you don’t get sweaty, and you don’t feel the cold at the same time. And who could say no to exploring such a pretty countryside? This is Karst, and I’m pretty sure I was a wood elf in one of my previous lives. There is something magical about the rustling red leaves and their soft shadows on the ground.




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