I was looking for some blog ideas and found Brittany Lesser’s post over here. It’s a pretty nifty idea so I thought I’d write a post like that, too. Perhaps an update every so often would be welcome, too?

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Current Book(s):
Anything related to my MA dissertation — more specifically, An Ax to Grind. A Practical Ax Manual by Bernie Weisgerber. Not even joking.

Current Music:
Mostly American Football and Blur; I adore them!

Current Nail Color:
Garden Variety by Essie. It’s my favourite nail polish and I hope it lasts forever. 🙂

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Current Drink:
Water and coffee with milk. I wish I could drink coffee at midnight without the fear of not falling asleep later in the night!

Current Food:
Burgers! I could eat them all the time but I’m keeping it cool, haha. Then again, the last thing I ate (drank?) was Jake Vanilla. I’ve only tried it because I had no idea what it was. It could work for me on those super busy days! My macros (read: myself) are not happy with my choices over the past two days, haha.

Current Favorite Show:
Um, maybe Masterchef. I don’t really watch TV at the moment.

Current Wish List:
To graduate ASAP and to stay lean.

Current Needs:
To graduate ASAP.

Current Bane of my Existence:
My MA dissertation.

Current Celebrity Crush:
Dana Linn Bailey, probably.

Current Indulgence:
The brownie cake I made the other day. It’s long gone but I can’t stop thinking about it. That, music and magical sky. I have this facination with clouds and their colours.

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Current Blessing:
Very supporting family, other relatives and boyfriend, and kind friends.

Current Slang:

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Current Outfit:
Pajamas, a simple T-shirt and a jumper.

Current Excitement:
Going on holiday in two weeks and my newest blog (yes, this one)!


    1. Hahah yes!! I’ve been procrastinating for wayyy too long and I’d just like to get rid of uni. Like, yesterday. ? Good luck with your studies!

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