Favourite Makeup Discoveries of 2016

This post is way overdue. I’ve been having it on my mind for the longest time but sadly couldn’t post it any time sooner. In early 2016, I started using more makeup and relatives quickly found some of my favourite makeup items that I love using this year, too. Some are part of the daily rotation while others are meant for special occasions only. Any way you look at them – they’re my favourites!

nars hello waffle artdeco fyrinnae makeup favourites

Hello Waffle Lavender Cream Liquid Highlighter

This is such a versatile highlighter that I can’t help but love it. It can be very, very subtle but it can also be packed on for a very noticeable, shimmery effect. It’s cool-toned so folks with warm undertones might not appreciate it that much. However, it should work fine if used sparingly. Check my review and swatches here.

NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation

This foundation stole my heart back in February 2016 but I only started using it in November. It truly is a weightless foundation because it feels like second skin and you don’t need to apply a lot of it to achieve medium-to-full coverage. I apply three drops, tops. While it’s called luminous, I find it to be more matte but then it’s not chalky or heavy, especially if you apply it to well-moisturised skin.

  nars hello waffle artdeco fyrinnae makeup favourites

Fyrinnae Whipped Metallic Liquid Lipstick in Beloved

Unusual colours and products both scare and excite me because I’m kind of afraid they won’t suit me but then again, I prefer wearing an odd-coloured lippie to some bland no-name lipstick. It’s an odd reasoning but here it is. This matte lipstick ticks all the boxes: it’s from Fyrinnae (indie), it’s got the currently popular finish (matte), it’s metallic (which means yay, sparkles! in a way), it’s reddish (wearable) and vampy (on the edge of an unknown territory). I love how it’s colour changes from dark, blood red to purple. And it’s non-drying! I’ll do a proper review as soon as I can.

fyrinnae beloved fotd

Hello Waffle Enchantment Glitter Glue

This is hands down my favourite glittler glue. It’s non-sticky from the get go and allows for easy blending once it’s on the lid. The sparkles stay where they are supposed to and don’t disappear during the day. It’s not so expensive, either, so I’ll keep on repurchasing it.

nars hello waffle artdeco fyrinnae makeup favourites

nars hello waffle artdeco fyrinnae makeup favourites

Fyrinnae Intergalactic Bookstore Eyeshadow

I can’t get enough of this eyeshadow. It’s incredibly hard to photograph and show it in all its beauty because of its magic, duochrome nature. You can read my old sort-of-review here and below is a little #EOTD photo that I took last summer. I can’t remember which glitter glue I used here but it probably is Hello Waffle Enchantment.

fyrinnae intergalactic bookstore eotd

fyrinnae intergalactic bookstore eotd

Hello Waffle #2 Eyeshadow

This is a medium, mauve shade that I use on a nearly everyday basis. It’s pretty versatile – you can use it as an outer corner or lid shade – but still calm and light enough so that you can wear it to office. I’ll be sad when it’s gone and I’m on the lookout for similar eyeshadows. Stay tuned!

ArtDeco Peel-Off Base Coat

I have finally found it, my first peel-off base coat. I will probably do a separate post just for it, so I will keep it short. It makes wearing glittery nail polish fun again and it’s quite easy to remove.

Which products from 2016 do you still use in 2017?

nars hello waffle artdeco fyrinnae makeup favourites


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