Femme Fatale – Tiger Lily

In April 2016 the Australian company called Femme Fatale released the Enchanted Fables collection, which was inspired by heroines from numerous classic fairy tales.

Femme Fatale Tiger Lily nail polish

I had been aware of this brand for a while but I’d never tried their nail polishes. There were a couple of reasons, most prominent ones being that a) this is an Australian brand that can only ship 10+ (or so) nail polishes per order to an international address, and b) I couldn’t simply buy 10 polishes all at once because I didn’t need that many. It was just too much for something I could end up not liking.

Thankfully, there is such a thing as a group buy/order. I joined the April one and successfully purchased three polishes: Glass Coffin, Art of Witchcraft, and Tiger Lily.

Tiger Lily is a character from Peter Pan, a native American princess who falls in love with Peter. Femme Fatale describes the colour of this shade as “a mid-range soft mauve with berry-rose tones.” If you look at the picture I posted above (I can only share my Pinterest link because this shade is not available any more on Femme Fatale’s website), you’ll notice that it appears rather warm with a striking green overlay, which isn’t so similar to my own swatches.

Femme Fatale Tiger Lily nail polish – swatched

On my nails it appears cooler with a silvery/aqua-like overlay but even the brand itself admitted that this shade was really hard to capture correctly so it would vary according to other people’s camera and monitor settings. I did try to take and edit my photos so that they would show the polish’s colour as I see it but there can always be some differences.

The formula/finish is described as crème with shine but, at least on my nails, it dries to a matte finish with a green/aqua overlay that’s clearly visible. It doesn’t take long to dry, which is always a plus in my book – there really is nothing worse than a polish that takes absolute ages to dry on nails. The brush is rather thin but it allows for a nice and precise application. The polish is fully opaque in two coats.

Femme Fatale Tiger Lily nail polish

As mentioned in my previous post I always put a base coat first and finish the manicure off with a gel-like top coat. On my nails it lasts for a good while, 4 to 6 days, depending on what I do and how peel-happy my nails are when I wear this polish. Recently I’ve read about the affinity between (colour) polish and various types of top coats so this is something I’d like to explore more in the future. I’ve found out that this Essence gel-like top coat doesn’t go too well with Femme Fatale polishes so I’ll probably go and buy a different one.

Femme Fatale Tiger Lily nail polish – swatched

I bought this nail polish on the Femme Fatale website for $8.70 (AUD). It’s not available any more but you might find it in the second-hand market. A good place to start your search would be the FF Bazaar on Facebook.

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