First Impressions: Lotique, Sephora and Benefit

Hello, everyone! Today I would like to share with you my first first-impression post! I’ve recently received some of these products for free at the BBMU conference, and others were bought at Sephora. I’ve only tried them a couple of times so these reviews are by no means exhaustive but I hope they give you a general idea of how these products behave. For reference; I have combination skin (normal cheeks and oily T-zone), my skin tone falls into the NW15 range (I think), my lips tend to be dry while my eyelids tend to be oily. My eyelashes are proper divas that refuse to stay curled, they’re long and relatively thick.

Čisto na dnu te objave je razglašena tudi zmagovalka nagradne ige za Melvitino Izjemno zlato olje. 🙂

Lotique Face Primer

Lotique Face Primer has a white texture that resembles a conventional cream. It doesn’t have an unpleasant slick feel, despite being formulated with silicones. However, due to its silicone content, this primer is easy to apply and it dries quickly. It creates an even, smooth »canvass« for applying foundation. It may or may not hide some pores or fine lines, even though it’s not really a wrinkle filler.

You can buy Lotique Face Primer here for €7.95.

Lotique Flawless Foundation #y01

In comparison to Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation, this foundation has a creamy texture that’s easy to spread. It doesn’t feel heavy on the face and I don’t think it blocks the pores. The pump dispenses a good amount of product, although it seems a bit flimsy. The foundation is easy to apply even on semi-dry skin and isn’t streaky if you apply it carefully. It covers most skin irregularities, so I would say this is a medium-high coverage foundation. The texture is not matte – it’s more on the satiny side – but it doesn’t make my face look greasy. I’m very happy with this because my oils tend to show up a few hours after doing my morning routine.

The shade itself is too pigmented and a bit too yellow for me but it can work fine in winter when 3/4 of my body are covered anyway. 🙂 It’s fine if you blend it down to the neck but those of you with a cooler (or more peach/grey/olive) undertone should probably look elsewhere.

You can buy Lotique Flawless Foundation here for €18.95.

Lotique Eyebrow Mascara

Lotique Eyebrow Mascara comes in one single shade (as far as I know) – in light brown. The shade doesn’t fit my eyebrows perfectly but luckily it’s not really visible if I apply it in moderation. The tiny spoolie allows for a precise application and the formula holds the brows in place.

Find Lotique Flawless Foundation here for €6.84.

Lotique Eyeshadow #02

This eyeshadow is such a pleasant surprise. It’s super pigmented shimmery/metallic shadow and you can achieve that foiled look even by using a flat brush. The texture is soft and kind of wet, so it’s very easy to blend (possibly because of talc). If I don’t use an eye primer, however, it creases up but it should behave nicely if you don’t have oily eyelids.

As for the shade, it’s a flattering kind of red – I’d define it as a neutral cranberry red – and it’s cooler rather than warmer but I believe it would suit any skin tone.

My only gripe is that the pan isn’t made of metal. I removed it from the compact so that I would insert it in my Nabla palette. I like to have my eyeshadows in one place so that it’s easier to find them (and use them more often).

You can buy Lotique Flawless Foundation here for €6.60.

Sephora Cream Lip Stain #40 Pink Tea

My expectations when it comes to matte lipsticks aren’t too great. All I want for them is to be transfer-proof and not drying. I picked this shade because I wanted an MLBB lipstick that would go well with my cool-toned eyeshadows. This Cream Lip Stain is a muted pinky brown with grey undertones.

Upon application, the texture is even and it provides full coverage. Luckily, this lipstick doesn’t dry out my lips, at least not for a few hours. It’s not completely transfer-proof but it stays on the lips even after you’ve eaten. It disappears in the inner part of your lips first but it’s not too noticeable thanks to the shade. I’ll definitely wear this a lot.

You can buy Sephora Cream Lip Stain here for €10.90.

Benefit Roller Lash Mini Mascara

I was looking for a decent non-waterproof mascara that would hold the curl and I think I’ve finally found it. Roller Lash Mascara manages to hold the curl pretty well. Moreover, it doesn’t smudge at all, so I can use it whenever I’m in a hurry because I know I won’t end up looking like a panda.

The want is made of rubber, I think, and its bristles are short enough to catch the tiniest lashes to separate and curl them. The lashes are defined and not clumped or weighed down. So far I really like the effect this mascara gives – but also the fact that it’s easy to remove!

You can buy Benefit Roller Lash Mini Mascara here for €14.00.


 Nagrajenka moje prve nagradne igre je … Ana M.! Ana, poglej svoj poštni nabiralnik. 🙂
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