Fyrinnae Eyeshadows: New Discoveries

When I ventured into the world of indie cosmetics I noticed there was always someone talking about Fyrinnae. As I discovered, this is an(other) American independent make-up brand, known especially for their eyeshadows. My first order from them included a lip lustre (a sort of a liquid lipstick/lipgloss thing), a sample of their famous glitter glue – Pixie Epoxy –, and three mini jars of various eyeshadows. You can read my review of Intergalactic Bookstore here but now let’s focus on my second order: four super lovely eyeshadows from my second order.

As I unwrapped the package, I was first greeted by some lovely holo(!) foil and multichrome business card. Aren’t they fantastic?

fyrinnae package

fyrinnae business card

What convinced me to place my second order was the great pigmentation of the eyeshadows that I already had. I expected a lot from these eyeshadows and (spoiler alert!) they delivered.

fyrinnae eyeshadows tango wicked faeries sloth snuggles

A mini-sized jar (or 1/3 of a teaspoon) does not seem like much but as Fyrinnae explain on their website, they should allow for about 25 applications if not more. As someone who doesn’t use eyeshadows every day, I imagine I will have them for a very long time. As you can see in the header, they’re rather clumpy and form little balls in the jar. If my information is correct, that is because they have some binder added, which in turn allows for wet or dry application and easier blending. At this point, I would like to stress that they are not pigments, they’re proper eyeshadows in their own right but are loose instead of pressed. However, they leave very little fallout and are not dusty at all (unlike that Catrice palette that is gathering dust on my shelf).

fyrinnae eyeshadows serendipity tango sloth snuggles wicked faeries swatches pinterest

Now onto the swatches!

Serendipity is a super popular eyeshadow that was first available only in loose format but later the company added its pressed version as well. It’s got iridescent copper shimmer on a greyish base. It can appear warmer or cooler depending on your skin tone. On me it’s rather warm but still workable. It serves well as an all-over lid shade and it’s easy to blend it out.

Tango was the freebie (good to know: Fyrinnae usually send a free sample with every order, which is a great way of discovering new colours). It’s a coppery red that I would never choose for myself but it turns out it suits my blue eyes all right. Its finish is smooth and satiny, and it works without glitter glue, too.

Sloth Snuggles I haven’t worn all that much yet, honestly, but it’s a satiny-nearly-matte chocolate brown with a mauve highlight. It works great on its own but it’s easy to blend with other shadows, too. Out of them all, this one is the dustiest and leaves the most fallout.

Wicked Faeries is my favourite of the bunch. It’s an Arcane Magic (= power duochrome) eyeshadow that’s rather similar to Intergalactic Bookstore. Wicked Faeries, however, are much more pink and less bronze. I can wear this on its own or over glitter glue for a really stunning effect.

Below you can see the swatches under a slightly different lighting. Can you see the colour shifts?

fyrinnae eyeshadows serendipity tango sloth snuggles wicked faeries swatches

What’s your favourite, must-have Fyrinnae product?
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