Fyrinnae Kitten Tummies

I fell in love with Fyrinnae Kitten Tummies perfume oil as soon as I first applied it on my skin. I managed to buy a decant (and then a full-sized bottle) from a friend after the first release of this collection back in 2018, and I was upset because it seemed like Kitten Tummies would never make another appearance.

Luckily, these perfumes are back again (and there are many new ones to boot!), so anyone enticed should have a look at the Fyrinnae website.

According to the brand, their perfume oils are vegan and cruelty-free (their musk, leather, and cream notes are synthetic) and they are mindful of endangered botanicals. As they say, “in cases where the real botanical ingredient is endangered or harvesting practices are known to be questionable, we use a synthetic or different origin substitute.”

Kitten Tummies – the Review

fyrinnae kitten tummies review

Marshmallow, sweet benzoin resin, white sandalwood, sugar, and a hint of myrrh.

You can buy Kitten Tummies by Fyrinnae here for $3.60 (1.5 ml), $12.00 (5 ml), or $18.00 (10 ml).

In the bottle, Kitten Tummies is a mix of sweet marshmallow and dry sandalwood. It doesn’t smell complex but it’s very interesting from the get-go.

Freshly applied on the skin, the marshmallow tickles my nose before it gives way to the benzoin resin and the sugar, leaving a trace of creaminess in its wake. The myrrh is very subtle, probably adding some warm fuzziness to the scent. Later on, the marshmallow does become more apparent. It’s also the note with the biggest throw.

fyrinnae kitten tummies review

Once the perfume is dry, the myrrh becomes more noticeable, while the sandalwood and benzoin enhance it with their “deep”, resiny warmth. The marshmallow still hangs around, unchanged, although less strong.

Fyrinnae’s Kitten Tummies is a cosy scent. I think it’s a great choice for night-time when you need something unassuming to wind down but still interesting enough to make you sniff your wrist all evening. 🙂

fyrinnae kitten tummies review

Do you have any Fyrinnae perfume favourites or do you prefer their makeup range?

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