Hello Waffle: Kitty Kingdom Eyeshadows

Every time I tell myself that I really don’t need any more eyeshadows or pretty much any other make-up item, I come across something that sparkles my interest and turns it into a bonfire.

Hello Waffle’s special Black Friday 2016 collection, Kitty Kingdom, was no exception. For this collection, Hello Waffle fans contribute their own ideas and provide images of their pets that will end up on the items’ packaging. Neat, huh? Moreover, Hello Waffle donates 20% of the proceeds from the collection to an animal shelter. So, it’s not just you who gets to play with all the fun colours, the shelter receives some very much needed funds. Win/win!

Hello Waffle reopens tomorrow, on Wednesday 25 January at 6 pm EST (26 January at 12 am GMT+1). Celebrate their third anniversary and use the code HAPPYANNIVERSARY to get 30% off sitewide. Click here for more information.


hello waffle eyeshadows wrapped in a paper bag

hello waffle's owner cute note on the receipt


Last July I mustered up the courage to participate in such a lovely cause. I submitted an image of my childhood pet budgie, Jaka (Jake). While he hasn’t been with me for many many years, he still hold a special place in my heart.

I wanted the eyeshadow to be a muted blue with gold and dark blue shimmer, something that would resemble the colour of his feathers and beak. And its name could be Fluffbird because it sounds fun and cuddly and sweet. I think the end result is pretty awesome, don’t you agree?

hello waffle fluffbird eyeshadow closeup

Fluffbird costs $5 CAD and is available in limited quantities, here.

Lil Girl

The other Kitty Kingdom eyeshadow that I bought was Lil Girl from the 2015 edition. It’s a “soft peachy pink with silver blue sheen and purple sparks”. I think it strikes the perfect balance between both ends of the scale because it’s not too pink but also not too orange, and therefore a lovely choice for any skin tone. I can’t see any purple sparks but it does have a lovely silver sheen. As such, it’s perfect for a one-eyeshadow look but it can also serve as an inner corner highlight or a pop of sparkle in the centre of the lid.

hello waffle lil girl eyeshadow closeup

Lil Girl costs $4.75 CAD and is available in limited quantities, here.

Pretty Bodice Lace

Pretty Bodice Lace, part of Hello Waffle’s permanent collection, I believe, is a matte eyeshadow that can be a great base eyeshadow. It blends really well and is in fact very close to my skin tone (NW15 or so) that I might as well use it as a concealer. I bought the full-sized version of it because I use it every day, however, I don’t think I’ll use it up any time soon!

hello waffle pretty bodice lace eyeshadow closeup

Pretty Bodice Lace costs from $2 CAD to $10 CAD and is available here.

Below are the swatches of these three eyeshadows and I also swatched some other Hello Waffle eyeshadows for comparison.

hello waffle eyeshadow arm swatches

Yellow Dragon: shimmery; dark tan with golden shimmer.

Can’t Or Won’t?: matte; a warmer and darker version of Pretty Bodice Lace.

Which one of these eyeshadows is your favourite?
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