Let’s Make This World a Better Place

The holiday season is almost over and during this time you have probably been bombarded with TV or internet ads about gifting. Ads after ads telling you to buy a perfume/laptop/designer bag/chocolate for your loved ones, but have you ever asked yourself what goes on behind that product?

After all, I’m sure that people will mostly remember the time you spent together as opposed to gifts they received. This is not to say that gifts are worthless – in fact, a well-chosen gift tells a person that you really took your time to think about what would make them happy. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words but a gift can be just as meaningful.

loccitane castelbajac shea hand cream bunnyechoes

This year’s slogan at L’Occitane was “know all that you give”. It doesn’t mean just knowing why the giftee will like the present but also what went into the product you’re giving to your friend.

For example – the Shea Hand Cream in the photo above contains 20% shea butter, which is an ingredient from Africa. Shea butter is made by women living in Burkina Faso who partnered up with L’Occitane following a fair-trade approach to business. So, by purchasing a shea product, you do a good thing not only for your hands but also for the community in Burkina Faso. Seeing that I love L’Occitane hand creams with shea butter, I don’t and won’t hesitate to purchase more of their shea butter offerings. So this is where L’Occitane’s and my values collide – charity and help.

I understand it if you prefer to keep it local and that’s perfectly fine. Each December, Slovenian beauty bloggers meet up at an event called Lepotno where we chat about all things related to beauty. The event also has a charity note because we bring gifts (deodorants, shower gels, mascaras etc.) for victims of domestic violence. These are mostly women (and their children) who lost everything in order to stay safe.

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Another charity project that is dear to me is Botrstvo, dedicated to children in need from all over Slovenia. I usually donate €1 or €5 via text messages whenever I can. These children’s stories are really touching and I often wonder how we, as a society, could prevent these families from falling below the poverty line. I also realise that €5 is not a lot of money but when a few people join forces and donate to the best of their abilities, even an amount as little as €5 can make a world of a difference.

To sum it all up, what I want to say is that it doesn’t matter how much you donate or which charity you support, it’s all good as long as you do it with your best intentions and with all your heart. Each of us picks their own battles but if the one you choose helps someone else, too, the world can (and will!) certainly become a better place.

This post was written in collaboration with L’Occitane Slovenia, thanks to the Beautiful Bloggers MeetUp conference. Thank you for this opportunity.

loccitane castelbajac shea hand cream bunnyechoes

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