Lipstick Brand of the Month: Hello Waffle

The fact is that I have quite a few lipsticks. The number isn’t really that big but in the past year I’ve accumulated so many that I keep forgetting about some of them on a regular basis. This is why I’ve decided that my lipsticks need some more loving.

In December, my focus will be on the Canadian brand Hello Waffle. I’ve written about the brand before (herehere, and here) so I’ll jump straight into the review, as well as the description of my new project.

hello waffle lipsticks

The lipstick on the left is called My Lips But… Peacher. It’s a fairly nude shade with a peachy undertone. It isn’t too obvious on the lips but it does make them look more “polished” and elegant. As the lipstick starts fading, it leaves a rather bright red stain, which may or may not be your thing. Personally, I don’t mind it at all – in fact, I think it’s a nice change from the usual “it starts fading on the centre part of your lips first…” thing. Be careful, though, despite it being on the creamy side, it can dry out your lips a little.

The lipstick in the middle is Technic. As you can guess from the label – I’ve worn this one a lot last winter and spring. To me, it looks like a soft, brick red that probably suits people with warm undertone the most but it wouldn’t look too out of place on cool-toned folks, either. It’s creamy but it has a good staying power. I don’t think it dries your lips out at all.

Finally, the lipstick on the right’s Doll. A freebie with my second purchase, it’s not a shade I’d normally choose for myself so I don’t wear it often. It’s a definitely cool-toned doll pink, like the name itself suggests. It’s the brightest of the bunch, so it clashes a bit with my slightly-muted colouring. I don’t mind that, though, because I can always tone it down with a darker or more muted colour.

Hello Waffle lipsticks swatches: My Lips But... Peacher, Technic, and Doll

So what will my new project be? I’ll try to wear these three lipsticks throughout December as much as I can. I don’t plan to destash any of them but these beauties do need some more loving. 😉

Hello Waffle lipsticks: My Lips But... Peacher, Technic, and Doll

What lipsticks will you wear in December?

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