London, 13/5–16/5

Finally! The photoshoot has been completed and my red rucksack all packed up. I wanted to travel with as few items as possible so I put everything in the mentioned rucksack and a handbag – luckily, Ryanair has become a bit more lenient when it comes to cabin baggage! Yay! It turned out that getting to the Trieste airport more than two hours in advance was a waste of time because the security check was crowd-free and, afterall, we had our seats reserved already so there really was no need to be the first in line. Since we had a lot of time to spare, my boyfriend and I answered a questionnaire about customer satisfaction at the airport. Some questions required us to THINK REALLY HARD because Italian English non funziona. 🙂

One turbulent flight later we stood in front of the Stansted Airport, waiting for our National Express coach to Liverpool Street Station. OHMYGOD, I swear we had the most comfortable seats on that coach but then again, it’s not difficult to surpass Ryanair seats’ quality. On Liverpool Street Station, we went off to the self-service machines in order to get our Travelcard, Oystercard, or whatever we could get at 12:30 am. We were approached by two Indians (they might have been of other ethnicity but living in a tiny bubble called Slovenia unfortunately makes you sort of oblivious to other races – and I’m ashamed of that) who sold us two Travelcards, which turned out to be children group tickets. My boyfriend and I were very, very sceptical about the validity of them but, being tourists, we had few other options so we said, fuck it, and boarded the first night bus we could. The driver allowed our poor touristy souls to get on the bus, and off we went on a night tour of London – all the way from East London through Chelsea and to Hammersmith, which was going to be our HQ for the following three days.

In the morning we got our huge bags, filled with three-days worth of food. All right, that’s one thing less to worry about!
This is just my food for three days. Bless.

Even though it was rainy, we went for a walk across the city. We planned to visit Natural History Museum, Victoria & Albert Museum and Science Museum, which are all bunched together.

The visit took us a lot of time and we could honestly spend even more time there but we were soaking wet and had a concert planned later that evening at Electric Ballroom in Camden Town. We would see American Football. Yes, they reformed! The band was s. u. b. l. i. m. e. It felt like listening to their record in a live setting and not even tiny cock-ups could make it less special. Even the crowd was decent, which was something I had worried about. There was some chatting in-between songs but nobody talked while the band played — how awesome is that? After the show my boyfriend and I got to talk to all three members of the band (the fourth member joined them for touring purposes) and I must say they’re the coolest people ever. They were a bit tired but happy that they were so well received in London (Mike was also tipsy, hehe). Steve the drummer told us they were rather sloppy but none of that could be heard and I believe they were a bit too hard on themselves. They really are great musicians and they seemed like your old mates whom you haven’t seen for years and years. This was definitely a night to remember and both my boy and I were on cloud 9 afterwards, wearing silly smiles on our faces for the rest of the evening.

Protein ice cream from Whole Foods! It was really tasty but rather expensive.

On Friday we put on our touristy mood and went sightseeing. We had a look at Tower of London and Tower Bridge, which were nice-ish but they didn’t really impress me. Perhaps they were too touristy. Then we went to Westminster, and crossed Big Ben and Downing Street off our list. We’d already seen Trafalgar Square and Piccaddilly Circus but it was still a nice experience to walk past all those imposing buildings and act like tourists.

A not-so-brief walk along Regent Street and Oxford Street we stopped at the British National Museum — this is the best thing ever. I’ve always been interested in ancient civilisations so this felt nearly like winning lottery. We both loved the museum and agreed that we should visit it again on our next trip to London. I certainly wouldn’t mind going to the BNC for the third time!

After visiting the museum, we took the Tube to Harrod’s because I wanted to find Alex James’s cheese but unfortunately, they had none available. I believe it’s simply not meant to be because you’ve been looking for it for at least three years. I also failed to find the Muscular Development issue that features DLB. I really wanted it because she’s such a great athlete and to see a woman on the cover of a fitness/bodybuilding magazine is a rare, rare feat.

After Friday’s dinner we went off to explore the neighbourhood. Hammersmith turned out to be more of a quiet area with not much of a nightlife. Then again, our hostel was in a very quiet street while all the pubs were located on the other side of a larger crossroads. We were happy with all the quietness, though!

Saturday — our last day in London was just as nice. The sun was shining, it was warm… Everything was perfect but the fact we had to go home. We still managed to explore Eastern London and visit Rough Trade East on Brick Lane. The whole area had some sort of a hipster/alternative atmosphere, which we liked. It’s definitely one of London boroughs (along with Camden) that we need to visit again. Soon, please.

Not happy!

There is another thing that might be worth mentioning. I tried it once, twice, three times… and I still hate Starbucks. The only good thing about it is Truvia. I preferred Costa because the coffee is way more fragrant and savoury, it sort of reminds me of coffee back home (with more options like mocha, flat white, frappucino (maybe?) and so on). Plus, who could say no to nearly half a litre of latte for £2.60 and still taste the yumminess of coffee?

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