Melvita Indigo Oil

I believe I’ve always taken good care of my tresses but I started taking haircare more seriously once I had bleached and dyed my hair back in July 2018. Prior to bleaching, I could use only a tiny amount of oil on my scalp before it would make a mess. Even now when my hair is of medium-to-high porosity, using such products is risky business. I always worry I’ll have to spend ages trying to get oil out of my hair.

In October 2018, Melvita released haircare products formulated with indigo oil. Melvita makes this oil from a plant called Persicaria tinctoria that is a source of indigo dye. As you can see from my photos below, the oil isn’t actually indigo but raspberry pink (just like my hair was!).

melvita indigo oil bunnyechoes

The colour changes during the production – I am not a science expert, so I sadly cannot explain the whole process – when the indirubin pigment comes out. If you’re interested and speak French, check out the video below that explains indigo oil production in greater detail.

Melvita Indigo Oil – the Review

So, what is the point of Melvita Indigo Oil? It’s meant for dye-damaged hair and sensitive scalp, to soothe and nourish them, as well as bring back shine to dull hair. It promises to keep hair colour fresh for up to 12 washes.

melvita indigo oil bunnyechoes

Ideal for strengthening hair damaged by color treatments and for soothing even sensitive scalps, it leaves hair looking softer, shinier and more beautiful.

As I have mentioned, my hair is bleached and dyed, and in a greater need of nourishment than ever before. I apply Melvita Indigo Oil on dry scalp and hair. The dropper makes the application very easy. First I dispense some oil into my palms, warm it up and apply it to the lengths of my hair, section by section. I try to cover all the bleached parts and then virgin hair as well. I also apply a couple of drops on my scalp, gently massaging the oil in. After leaving it on for half an hour (sometimes even overnight), I wash my hair as I normally would. I shampoo it twice and I apply a liberal dose of conditioner.

melvita indigo oil bunnyechoes

The oil itself is easily spreadable, it has a thin-ish consistency and is not sticky. It has a very natural fragrance but you get used to it quickly. I find it doesn’t leave any colour residue on my hands or scalp.

Indigo Oil by Melvita – the Results

I’m happy to report that Melvita Indigo Oil manages to soothe my scalp. I have some dandruff problems, especially in winter, so Indigo Oil keeps the itchiness or discomfort at bay. My hair stays shiny and the dye stays vibrant for quite a while. I’m also glad that one bottle lasted me for about two months (I was been using this pre-shampoo oil treatment twice a week from late November to mid-February). I received this bottle at the BBMU conference but I’ll purchase it whenever I use it up to see how it behaves in combination with other shampoos and conditioners.

Slovenian readers can purchase their Indigo Oil here. Others can check out Melvita’s international website here.

Thank you Melvita Slovenia for this opportunity.

Thanks for reading!

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