Murter, Croatia, 4/6-13/6

Ahh, holidays. The time for proper relaxation and carefree lightness — something that we all probably want. My boyfriend and I went to Murter last summer already but, since we enjoyed it so much, we decided to visit this beautiful Croatian islet one more time.


We haven’t booked a hotel because being served from all directions isn’t our cup of tea. Moreover, all hotel resorts look more or less the same wherever you go. An apartment or a camp would be a better choice but we’ve taken it one step further — we booked a fisherman’s cottage on the north-eastern side of the town of Murter. It was very quiet and peaceful, there were no nosy, noisy neighbours or tourists looking for the perfect spot at the beach. Our only companions were nasty mosquitoes, butterflies feeding on lavender behind the cottage, fish, prawns and various members of the Homo sapiens on boats.



Honestly, the path that led from the town of Murter to the cottage was rather unpleasant because it was covered with tons of sharp stones. Luckily, we could go on a forest path so that walking wasn’t so tiring. The walk was worth it, though. The view in front of the house and at the beach was spectacular, especially the sunset after a storm.


We ate well but not really ‘clean’. That was because we went on holiday, away from all the rules about healthy food and counting macros. On the menue were fried calamari and chips, ice cream but also grilled calamari and fish, turkey, chicken (I actually made a pretty awesome meal with it), rice etc. Special mention goes to the classic chili sauce by Čili Pipp that made many meals even better.






This was the summer of eating stuff I usually don’t like, such as olives — does that mean that I finally like them? — and trying some melas for the first time: shrimps and mussles buzara style (the mussles tasted like rose hip tea with lemon, hmmm. Tasty! :)), seabass, and deep-fried anchovies. We ordered these at the Konoba Karaka restaurant, which I can calmly recommend to everyone. The ambient is truly pleasant, the service amazing, the waiters and the boss super friendly, the food absolutely delicious and always fresh. I miss the evenings we spent there.



My boyfriend and I visited our friends who happened to stay at a small, quiet camp site just a few kilometres south of Šibenik. First we spent a few hours lounging on the beach and swimming, then we made something to eat. The guys picked some mussles from a buoy rope, then they cooked them and grilled the fish while us girls cut up the vegetables and cleaned the table. After the dinner, we all went to Primošten — a romantic, tiny village with a wonderful view, surrounded by surprisingly clean (and clear!) sea.



On our last day, we rented a scooter — a Chinese copy of Vespa. It was obvious that it wasn’t a real deal but for me it was a (nearly) dream come true. I’ve always wanted to own a Vespa and perhaps I will buy one some time in the future because it’s a perfect fit for someone with a driver’s license who doesn’t drive all that much, haha. The scooter made it possible to visit places that would otherwise be off-limits to us, such as a beach at a camp, private car parks and so on. It was the perfect way to wrap up our trip!




This definitely wasn’t our last trip to the island of Murter because we believe it offers many more secret places, waiting for us to discover and explore them. Perhaps we’ll return in September after the big tourist season ends… And we’ll swim some more and treat ourselves to a delicious tuna stake at the Konoba Karaka restaurant.



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