4 Music Discoveries of the Month

In the past few weeks I’ve had the opportunity to listen to a number of various musicians, stretching from punk rock to emo and, yes, pop. This post is therefore dedicated to those artists that have impressed me so much that I simply have to share their delicious music. I hope you find something you like among the following suggestions.


This band from Blackburn, UK combines raw, raspy vocals with lush guitars and nice rhythms. Edgarville basically consists of just two members but listening to them feels like a truly enveloping experience. To me their songs seem to embody the sadness and wistful longing you experience as a young adult.

The song above, however, focuses not on a young person’s angst or disillusion but rather on ways of coping with depression and suicidal thoughts. As someone who has not suffered from depression I appreciate songs on this topic because it helps me understand those who have been depreesed.

Into It. Over It.

I’ve actually first heard about this musician last year and I’ve been listening to him on and off all this time. Had it not been for a short interview during a Bose series of music documentaries, I probably wouldn’t stick to this musician – but that’s simply because there is so much other music to discover and explore! However, that and the fact he’s friends with the guys of American Football made me follow his new releases, and when he and Owen released a split EP they included this rather nice song called Anchor. What I did not know was that the version on the split was actually a cover, so you can imagine my huge surprise when I did get round to listening to the original. Here it is in its full glory, despite its shortness. Anyway, I love it. And I’ll leave it here.

Four Seasons One Day

I had the chance to see them live just at the beginning of November when my boyfriend and the band he plays in returned home after their two-week tour. Four Seasons One Day play some sort of punk rock but I don’t see it as aggressive – in my opinion it’s kind of mild but melodic. It’s easy to listen to it and I hope this Italian band will come to Slovenia again sooner rather than later.

I’ll just share the first FSOD song that I’ve heard, simply because it stroke a chord with me. I think it encompasses exactly what I like about the genre: noisy but melodic guitar lines, fast rhythm and raw but not shouty vocals. I unfortunately don’t understand all the lyrics but I think I will if I continue to listen to it obsessively. 🙂


And finally, the Queen herself. I just love how she kept quiet for a couple of years and then she’s returned with a fierce song like nothing ever happened. My boyfriend said the chord progression she used was bound to make the song successful and there might be this secret catchiness formula but for all I know, Adele is awesome and I love her new song. Now go and listen to her new album.

There you go. I hope you liked my recent music loves. I hope this will become a regular category on my blog because I simply love discovering and sharing new music!

Which songs have you enjoyed lately?

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