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You might have come across my review of NAVA Crystalline in this post where I compared it to two other NAVA vanillas – Kobalt and Spooktacular. My tiny sample has evolved into a full-sized bottle, so I felt Crystalline deserved its own place on my blog.

You can buy Crystalline (and other Studio Limited Originals) on the Nocturne Alchemy website for $29 (5 ml).

Review: Crystalline by NAVA

A unique and very special Egyptian vanilla resin perfume. Crystalline – for the signature vanilla scent it creates, one solid scent of an uplifting vanilla from the stigma of a vanilla orchid especially for this perfume.

NAVA Crystalline review bunnyechoes

This perfume is bright and almost gourmand that transforms into a subdued and gentle vanilla as soon as it comes in contact with my skin. The underlying hint of soapiness that I sensed a year ago is no longer there, thankfully. This not-quite-gourmand and not-quite-floral vanilla now shines like it should!

As minutes pass, Crystalline crystallises into  a wispy vanilla cloud dotted with marshmallows. Sniffing it from up close is similar to burying your head in a bag full of marshmallows. Pure deliciousness despite the fact that it is not gourmand! It doesn’t morph even much later on. Instead, it stays in its fluffy, marshmallowy form that I adore. It’s never a heady floral or sweet and buttery like pastry. I’d say it hits just the right spot between the two extremities.

To be frank, its throw leaves something to be desired but, damn, it lasts so long! I could still smell it the following day – about 12 hours later – so I consider Crystalline a firm winner.

Which NAVA vanilla is your favourite?

NAVA Crystalline review bunnyechoes

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