NAVA Vampire Chocolate Bat

Are you ready for Halloween? Yes, it’s only September but as I get older, I notice that time runs faster every year. I swear that I’ll blink with my eyes twice and it’ll be late October already. So, yes, it’s time to carve a pumpkin, take out your Halloween decorations and find a scary film to watch. The only thing that’s missing? A Halloween perfume.

In 2017, Nocturne Alchemy, or NAVA, released a perfume called Vampire Chocolate Bat. As part of a limited-edition collection, it was available for around $24 until 31 October before it disappeared. Unfortunately, it’s not part of this year’s Navalloween release but maybe it’ll return in the future.

Nocturne Alchemy: Vampire Chocolate Bat

Vanilla bean fleck, Kobalt, Crystalline, Tahitian vanilla, French vanilla and a spot of vanilla-infused black patchouli, cacao, cocoa accord and dark chocolate truffle.

nocturne alchemy nava vampire chocolate bat bunnyechoes
Vampire Chocolate Bat on a skull scarf. The only appropriate setting. Okay, bats and/or vampires would be even better.

As I open the vial, I’m met with a very bright, bubblegum-like Kobalt vanilla, and creamy cocoa. It’s a pretty yummy combination that transforms as soon as I apply it on my skin. Kobalt loses some of its potency and gives way to the dark chocolate delicately intertwined with the elegant patchouli and the creamy vanilla. None of the notes is really sticking out, apart from the dark chocolate truffle that is quite realistic – YUM!

It’s a rich but calm scent and I really like it, also because it doesn’t have too big of a throw. It’s not as bright anymore with the Kobalt vanilla being in the background, rounding out this scent. After a while, it smells like smooth, dark chocolate with patchouli underlining it. That’s also why I don’t find it as foody as I expected, judging by the notes. For anyone who’s worried about the patchouli – I don’t find it strong enough to go, “Ew, patchouli! Hippies!” It’s hanging out more in the background, providing a smooth base. That said, YMMV, as always.

All in all, I would say NAVA Vampire Chocolate Bat is worth trying out if you get a chance (or try its more famous brother, Vampire Vanilla Bat). 

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