New adventures ahead!

As you’re reading this, I’m on my way to a nicer part of the world. I’m going to the Croatian seaside! So this is why this post will be short but sweet (yes, it’s scheduled).

I had a tough day at work, having to take care of everything by 4 pm. I also needed to buy some tidbits for the trip and pack up for ten days or so. I’ve discovered that most my shorts didn’t fit me any more, all of them were too big. This is what happens when you lose a few centimetres round your waist but you forget to check whether any of old shorts still fit. Oh well, I guess I’ll look like a clown, wearing oversized clothes. But summer getaways are great for wearing clothes you’re too shy to wear back home, right?

Anyway, I did manage to squeeze a great workout in my busy day. I worked on my upper body — back, chest, biceps and triceps. While I can’t really feel my chest muscles just yet (it’s like a trend — everyone seems to have troubles with these muscles 😀 ), I pushed hard and did some great sets for the other muscle groups. I already know I’ll be sore as heck when I wake up.

Then I played tetris ie. put my stuff in the car. We had some sort of a scare — the car just wouldn’t start for a while but then everything went fine. Thankfully! It’s the scariest feeling, thinking your means of transport might not work as it should.

Ticking stuff off of my list, searching for the last few items, backing up my laptop’s data and burning CD-jev. OK, enough writing. It’s time for bed and new adventures!

Murter, here we come!
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