New Year Resolutions?

I’m not usually one for new year resolutions because I always either fail or forget about them (which means failure, right?). To be honest, I don’t considering the switch that big of a deal but I understand those who believe in fresh starts. Sometimes a fresh start is just what we need after all.

There have always been things I need to improve or change but I take it from a more… continuous perspective. No set dates, no schedules. However, I decided to jot down some of my goals I’ll be working towards this year (and in the future):

  • read more fiction
  • check out all those bookmarks, and delete unnecessary stuff
  • get in touch with my spiritual self
  • keep on working out
  • find a perfect macro balance
  • play guitar more often
  • knit more often
  • save money
  • learn new makeup techniques
  • travel
  • be calm

Does this count as a resolutions list? 😉 Call it what you may, I’ll do my best to achieve my goals in my own time.

*Header from Pixabay.


  1. Great piece, I’ll be following your blog with a close eye! If you check mine out too and follow me that would be great! Thanks!

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