Nocturne Alchemy Art of Love reviews

Hi! I hope everyone’s doing well. I’ll be honest here – I don’t have any special intro to today’s post. These are some old Nocturne Alchemy perfume oil decants/samples that I enjoyed wearing last year and this summer. I’d love to explore more of this brand’s olfactory offerings but (cheaper) international shipping is not available at this point. If you’re in the US, feel free to let me know your favourites in the comments below or on my Instagram profile.

Below you’ll find NAVA Art of Love reviews of Blue Chamomile Lavender Dolphin, Holy Grail, and Mariamne.

NAVA Nocturne Alchemy Art of Love reviews perfume oil bunnyechoes

Nocturne Alchemy Mariamne Review

Greek Honeysuckle, Japanese Vanilla Milk, White Sandalwood, Apricot Essence, N2 Musk, Crystalline Vanilla Water and soft Japanese Umber Incense.

NAVA Nocturne Alchemy Art of Love Mariamne perfume oil bunnyechoes

Mariamne opens up with a light honeysuckle note and something that smells soapy. I suppose this is the N2 Musk – a note I’m not familiar with but in my experience, musk notes often turn soapy on my skin. If I ignore the soapiness, this perfume smells almost like a Nivea sunscreen.

The soapiness is cut by the Japanese umber incense, adding a very light smoky character to the blend. Almost below the radar, the other notes remain well in the back, providing some fresh, powdery sweetness. It’s got a gentle aura around it and I wouldn’t call this an absolutely floral scent.

The honeysuckle takes the centre stage after a while but is never heady or »too much«. It’s sweetened by the vanilla and the apricot but neither note fights for my attention. After a few hours, all that is left behind is a gentle crystalline vanilla. All in all, Mariamne has a low throw and I imagine you could wear it to the office and not offend anyone with it.

Nocturne Alchemy Holy Grail Review

Irish oakmoss, benzoin infused Egyptian frankincense tears, NAVA vanilla resin, black myrrh and a touch of Egyptian sugar.

NAVA Nocturne Alchemy Art of Love Holy Grail perfume oil bunnyechoes

Holy Grail opens up with a cool whiff of the oakmoss and myrrh, their cold, mysterious bite softened by the benzoin-laced frankincense. The benzoin rounds out the opening accord with its fluffy, enveloping character that pairs well with the vanilla resin. While looking for descriptions of benzoin, I came across words like »medicinal«, »resinous vanilla« or even »spicy«. To me, however, it mostly smells soft and slightly herbal, and it steers you away from the foodie territory.

With its warm, resinous glow, the frankincense creates an oriental atmosphere, while allowing the oakmoss and myrrh to shine through. There is perhaps just enough sugar to sweeten things up a tiny bit, without making the fragrance sweet.

Holy Grail is a surprisingly cold, piney, and yet resinous scent. It is kind of hard to place it on the spectrum because it’s both extremities at the same time, without melding into your generic, lukewarm fragrance.

Nocturne Alchemy Blue Chamomile Lavender Dolphin Review

Egyptian Blue Chamomile, German Blue Chamomile, French Blue Lavender, Santalum Sandalwood and Egyptian Musk.

NAVA Nocturne Alchemy Art of Love Blue Chamomile Lavender Dolphin perfume oil bunnyechoes

This fragrant dolphin tickles my nose with a strong chamomile note, underlined by the blue lavender. Despite the collection moniker »Pastel«, Blue Chamomile Lavender Dolphin doesn’t smell gentle, pastel, or creamy. It’s firmly in the herbal field, calming your senses as it warms on your skin.

The sandalwood and the Egyptian Musk reveal their slightly oriental character, making the scent warmer and smoother. It’s rather different from what I expected, and also short-lived. That said, I like wearing it whenever I need a quick calm-me-down but I don’t reach for it very often.

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