Notoriously Morbid Vanishing Cabinet: February 2018

I did say that beauty boxes weren’t my thing but if there’s one I’d like to try, it’s an indie beauty box (read why, here). Notoriously Morbid provide two beauty boxes – one of them (the Mystic Monthly) is all about matte liquid lipstick and lip-related products, while the other one (the Vanishing Cabinet) is about various mini-sized beauty items. In January, you could subscribe to the VC without joining the waitlist first, so I pulled the trigger.

Notoriously Morbid Vanishing Cabinet February 2018

At the end of February, my very first Vanishing Cabinet was waiting for me in the post box! This month’s edition was inspired by the TV show 30 Rock, a cult classic (that I haven’t watched yet, oops!). I received four items and the liquid lipstick was this month’s full-sized product.

notoriously morbid vanishing cabinet february 2018 bunnyechoes

Good God, Lemon

A shimmery pewter shadow with blue/green sparkles.

I’m quite terrified of blue eyeshadow, to be honest. It’s just that I normally don’t wear it and I find it hard to make a decent eye look with anything obviously blue. Good God, Lemon is such eyeshadow. On me, it’s definitely a muted, dark blue, with lightning blue sparkles that become more apparent if you layer the shadow on top of glitter glue (I used Pixie Epoxy in the eye swatch). I think I like this shadow but it’ll require a lot of creativity from me.

notoriously morbid vanishing cabinet february 2018 good god lemon

Never Too Late for Now

A champagne highlighter with shimmery green shift.

This highlighter was a lovely surprise. At first, I was afraid it would look too white on me. However, it can be sheered out enough for the green shimmer to peek through. I’ve tried it both on top of a liquid foundation as well as a powder foundation and in both situations, this highlighter behaved like it should. I could really pack it on if I wanted but I prefer my highlighter to be light. It also works as an inner-corner highlighter and is especially nice if you apply it over a sticky base.

My Way Til Payday

A rosy pink blush that can double as an eyeshadow also.

Don’t be afraid of this blush (or should you be?)! This rosy pink wonder is very intense and it requires careful handling. Two tiny dots are all you need for a light swipe across the cheeks. It definitely looks pink but it’s not too intense if you apply it sparingly. It also works as a matte eyeshadow and I think I’ll be using it that way, too.

notoriously morbid vanishing cabinet february 2018 my way till paydal never too late for now

Kidney Now

Light-medium to medium red brown Mystic Matte.

This was the second Mystic Matte that I had the chance to try, the first one was a lovely taupe (Soothsayer). Kidney Now is definitely not red-brown on me – in fact, it’s quite purple. It works just great as an everyday shade and it goes fine with a lot of looks. As far as the formula goes, it needs to be shaken before use because the phases can separate. Otherwise, it’s got a very thin, matte texture that sets fast and doesn’t budge, provided you apply a thin layer of it. Pro tip: wipe the excess off the wand, otherwise you’ll have trouble applying the lipstick.

notoriously morbid vanishing cabinet february 2018 kidney now

All in all, I think Notoriously Morbid Vanishing Cabinet February 2018 was quite a hit with me! The only thing I don’t like was that the Good God, Lemon eyeshadow doesn’t go well with the other items from this VC.

Stay tuned for my review of the March edition of the Vanishing Cabinet. 🙂

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