Oriflame Frosted Berry Cake Bubble Bath

Sometimes, all you need after a long day is a fragrant bubble bath to relax. Winter months were pretty stressful so I often needed a nice, long bath to take the edge off. A colleague gave me an Oriflame bubble bath that I was more than happy to use. I suppose this was a limited-edition type of product so it might not be available at the time you’re reading this.

Oriflame Frosted Berry Cake Bubble Bath

Bring the cosy Christmas feeling into your bathtub as you relax with the wonderfully foamy and indulgent fruity-gourmand scented Frosted Berry Cake Bubble Bath. Soap-free, pH-balanced formula cleanses without drying out your skin.

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The bubble bath comes in a 300 ml plastic container with a flip-open cap that allows for an easy usage. The packaging itself it’s rather pretty – the green and red definitely give the product a typical Christmassy feel.

Oriflame Frosted Berry Cake Bubble Bath – the Fragrance

The scent perfectly captures the spirit of Christmas, defined by the irresistible contrast between the sparkling combination of citrus mingling with red fruits and the mouthwatering facet of gourmand Christmas fruit cake.

In my opinion, the fragrance is pretty concentrated if you smell it straight from the bottle. In fact, I find it so concentrated that I can’t really distinguish any of the notes. However, this changes as soon as I pour some bubble bath into the bathtub. The most prominent notes are the frozen berries and raspberries with only a hint of panettone and sugar cookies.

Oriflame Frosted Berry Cake Bubble Bath – the Effect

I like to stay in the bath for about 20 minutes so that I can get a really good soak. Unfortunately, the water in my home is very hard, which means two things:

  1. It takes A LOT of bubble bath for it to start foaming,
  2. It dries out my skin.

That’s sadly the case for Oriflame Frosted Berry Cake Bubble Bath, too. I used up the whole 300 ml bottle in about three to four uses, which is way too short of a bubble bath lifetime if you ask me.

Despite Sodium Laureth Sulfate in the formula, this bubble bath didn’t feel too drying on my skin or at least not any more than my usual shower gel. The only reason I experienced some dryness is the hard water but there’s not much that I can do about it. The fragrance disappeared soon after I dried off, which is a shame but also something I expected.

All in all, I quite enjoyed this product but I wouldn’t (re)purchase it.

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